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Sunday Baking


A lazy Sunday afternoon bake. Lemon drizzle syrup (from this previous post, here) spooned over a deep sponge (from this previous post, here) with a heavy, smooth, vanilla-flecked buttercream to sandwich the two layers together. No occasion this time – just a quick comfort bake for Rob and I to pair with a vat of tea!

Lime and Coconut Madeleines

Madeleines are little French delights, shell shaped with a slightly-lighter-than-cake like texture (that’s the technical term, right there). I first blogged about them here and regularly come back to the base mix to try a new flavour combo. The plain ones are a household staple around here– You can whip them up in minutes and …

Cambridgeshire Honey Cake

OK OK, so this bake is actually meant to be a Devonshire Honey Cake (first found in the GoodFood cookbook) but I’ve tweaked it a little and re-claimed it to Cambridge! Is that allowed? We are right in the thick of this in-between-y weather season and this is the best way I can think of …