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Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake: Raspberry and Pistachio Cake


Raspberry and Pistachio Cake

Raspberry, White Chocolate and Apple Muffins

white chocolate raspberry apple muffins 1

Over flowing muffin cases filled with raspberries, little chunks of apple and white chocolate pieces. No recipe today, and hardly any photo’s because these were knocked out after work and eaten before I had a chance to snap a decent shot of… Read More

Raspberry Buttercream Layer Cake

So a little while ago there was a ray of sunshine shining through on a Sunday afternoon which caused a Spring-y bake to occur. I had raspberries in the freezer and this is what happened… A couple of layers of vanilla sponge… Read More

Dreaming of Spring

Today I am mostly day-dreaming of Spring. This Sunday just gone, the sun was shining in through the windows for the first time in what felt like forever, and had given me hope that Spring is on it’s way. We were off out… Read More

Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

A little late night snack for you. A four layer hot chocolate sponge, filled with a sharp raspberry preserve. That was then absolutely drowned in a creamy chocolate sauce. First bite was chef’s prerogative. Obviously. No fancy edges or smoothed sides. Just… Read More

Raspberry, Blueberry and White Chocolate Muffins

There may be two types of fruit in these Raspberry, Blueberry and White Chocolate muffins but nothing about them are good for you. They are big fat sugary muffins that will in no way help your waist line. They will however, feed… Read More

Chocolate Eclair

My dessert offering for a Sunday lunch hosted by friends. Choux pastry cases filled generously with double cream whipped with vanilla bean and finished with melted dark chocolate and freeze dried raspberries. (Hopefully they will be) Perfect for after a heavy lunch of… Read More

Raspberry and Vanilla White Chocolate Slab

Sometimes all you need is a big fat slab of chocolate. White chocolate tempered down and mixed with Madagascan vanilla bean, evenly spread and sprinkled with sharp freeze dried raspberries. No baking, no rising, no decorating. Just tempered, flavoured and cooled.

Raspberry and Apple Cake

Those Autumnal evenings are starting to creep in, aren’t they? The clocks are going to change soon, we will be plunged into darkness at 4 o’clock and all of a sudden it’ll really feel like we have lost the Summer. How glum…. Read More

Raspberry and Pine Nut Bars

I am forever running out of the door in the mornings, desperately trying to catch my bus to work after lying in later than I should have. I have a terrible case of missing will power, and that extra few minutes in… Read More