Quick Apricot Tart

quick apricot tart

Do you ever have times where you see something, and just have to have it? Nothing else will do. It has to be exactly that thing that you crave or else the rest of your day will be an absolute flop? This happens to me quite frequently and it’s normally centred around food. The other […]

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Blueberry Bursts!

Theses Blueberry Bursts are my latest experimental output. They are somewhere between cupcakes and muffins. Full of flavour and bitesize, but with a little more bite than your usual cupcake. They haveΒ a stronger bake structure, but without the heaviness that you sometimes find with muffins. We mostly served them warm, with ice-cream on the side. […]

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Snickerdoodles from Santa

I follow a lot of blogs who are based in and around America that post such delicious and inspiring recipes but I am was constantly confronted with conversion difficulties- all those different ingredients and multiple webpages telling you different things. Well… not anymore! I have new toys to play with in my kitchen!! American cup […]

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