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Christmas at Bitesize Bakehouse


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Postal Brownies


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Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake: Raspberry and Pistachio Cake


Raspberry and Pistachio Cake

Cream Cheese Brownies


Hey! It’s been a while… I have been buried under wedding prep for the last month or so but I am back now… …and I made brownies. Cream cheese brownies. 🙂 Now, i’m not a normally a massive fan of brownies. They tend to be a bit too heavy and claggy (is that a word?) …

Banana Cake with Walnut Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache

banana cake with walnut buttercream

(Sorry in advance for these photos. I mean, they aren’t normally “top notch” on Bitesize Bakes –i’m still learning– but I fear these are particularly bad so bear with me…) Our “5 month ’til the wedding” cake was a Banana cake (Again! see my other recent Banana Cake here). This time though, I made it much …

Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

A little late night snack for you. A four layer hot chocolate sponge, filled with a sharp raspberry preserve. That was then absolutely drowned in a creamy chocolate sauce. First bite was chef’s prerogative. Obviously. No fancy edges or smoothed sides. Just chocolate on chocolate. Calories on calories. Just the way I like it. He …

Christmas Cake Prep

christmas cake rum lime chocolate

The Christmas cake preparations have begun! This year, I have baked three fruit cakes; (two 6 inch, one 8 inch) filled with lime, rum and raisins in place of the more traditional lemon, citrus peel and brandy. Recipe to follow… but for now I’m all ready to start feeding them for the next few weeks …

Chocolate and Cinnamon Babka

chocolate cinnamon babka

I must start this post with a thank you. A MASSIVE thank you in fact to The Gentleman Baker who put me onto this bread bake. Before him, I had never actually heard of Babka before. I had spied his incredibly mouth watering photo of a ‘just baked’ Babka on Instagram and had to find …

Chocolate Mocha Marbled Bundt Cake

A sparkly little bake for a cousin who loves her coffee. I am not a huge coffee buff, and as such, didn’t have a fall back recipe to turn to. Enter Une Gamine Dans La Cuisine‘s coffee cake varieties. I plumped for the Mocha Bundt Cake mainly because I will jump at any chance to use chocolate …

Chocolate Therapy 

Sometimes, when your day doesn’t go as planned, you just need a refresh. A do-over. A swipe-the-slate-clean moment to bring you back on an even keel for the rest for the day. Baking is my refresh. When I have a day that just doesn’t want to play ball, a couple of hours in the kitchen …