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Pan Di Spagna

pan di spagna with vanilla buttercream 3

I found this Italian sponge recipe whilst browsing Pinterest recently and just had to try it. It boasted absolutely no oil, baking powder or butter… just simply eggs, sugar and flour. The original recipe is from AsEasyAsApplePie and I followed the recipe… Read More

A Christmas Wreath Cake

The last of my three Christmas cakes this year… A holly green wreath crowned the top, with a simple ribbon encasing the bottom. I frosted some up turned edges with silver shimmer dust and planned to leave the decoration there. In comparison… Read More

A Novelty Christmas Cake

Christmas cake number two was even more Novelty than Christmas cake number one. I started off by making a great (for me) Santa to prop up one corner… Things then went a little down hill as I produced a slightly odd looking… Read More

Penguin Christmas Cake

This year I decided to focus my attentions on the outside of my Christmas cake a little more. I have made a cheeky little Penguin Christmas cake for my little sister. I am normally one for putting all my energy into the… Read More

Raspberry and Apple Cake

Those Autumnal evenings are starting to creep in, aren’t they? The clocks are going to change soon, we will be plunged into darkness at 4 o’clock and all of a sudden it’ll really feel like we have lost the Summer. How glum…. Read More

Chocolate and Cherry Birthday Cake

A double layer chocolate cake, sandwiched together with some homemade boozy cherry jam and locked in with a rich vanilla butter cream. How does that sound for a birthday cake?