Blueberry Muffins


Today’s recipe is actually a recipe revision from a previous post. Back in 2013, I put together a half muffin/half cupcake recipe with blueberries that I called Blueberry Bursts. Since then, I have done a little more fiddling and thought I would share the new (I hope, improved) recipe… Hope you like it! I decided […]

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Cranberry Hot Cross Buns


Easter is approaching which can only mean more reasons to bake unnecessarily πŸ™‚ This week for the blog, I have baked Hot Cross Buns. If you follow me on Instagram (here – do come over and say hi if you aren’t already!), you’ll know I made these a little while back and they are now […]

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Hazelnut and Vanilla Mocha Bundt


I have a renewed love of the Bundt tin this week (read: IΒ found a new tin for a steal at Aldi whilst picking up my weekly shop). It just makes your bakes look so good, doesn’t it? Right from the off. You can just leave the cake as it is. No fancy frostings required. PS. […]

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Chorizo and Pesto Bread


OK, so, recently I made a roasted garlic and rosemary loaf whereby I was drawn in by imagery on Instagram, immediately copied itΒ and then spent the rest of the day being thoroughly conscious of my breath! Well, today’s post is about what I did with the other half of that dough. I had a little […]

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Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Bread


Instagram is a killer for unnecessary hunger pangs. I can be scrolling away, not one little bit hungry at all and then I see a very very tasty image of a pastry, or a cake, or a doughnut, or… well, anything that is carb related and beautifully shot it seems, and just like that – […]

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Cream Cheese Brownies


Hey! It’s been a while… I have been buried under wedding prep for the last month or so but I am back now… …and I made brownies. Cream cheese brownies. πŸ™‚ Now, i’m not a normally a massive fan of brownies. They tend to be a bit too heavy and claggy (is that a word?) […]

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Banana Cake with Walnut Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache

banana cake with walnut buttercream

(Sorry in advance for these photos. I mean, they aren’t normally “top notch” on Bitesize Bakes –i’m still learning–Β but I fear these are particularly bad so bear with me…) Our “5 month ’til the wedding” cake was a Banana cake (Again! see my other recent Banana Cake here). This time though, I made it much […]

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Banana Cake with Brown Sugar Buttercream

banana cake with brown sugar buttercream

This cake was born out of convenience. I had aging bananas that need to be used, and a baby shower to attend the next day. I wanted something a little more up market than my regular banana bread go-to’s (here and here) to turn up with (they are a tad casual for this occasion I […]

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Chocolate Guinness Cake

Most of my bakes are just for fun and get gifted to friends/work so if they go wrong and never appear, there’s no comeuppance. No pressure. They are added extras – an edible bonus if you will. When someone requests something though. Well. That’s when the pressure starts. I had been specifically requested to create […]

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Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

A little late night snack for you. A four layer hot chocolate sponge, filled with a sharp raspberry preserve. That was then absolutely drowned in a creamy chocolate sauce. First bite was chef’s prerogative. Obviously. No fancy edges or smoothed sides. Just chocolate on chocolate. Calories on calories. Just the way I like it. He […]

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