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Raspberry, White Chocolate and Apple Muffins

white chocolate raspberry apple muffins 1

Over flowing muffin cases filled with raspberries, little chunks of apple and white chocolate pieces. No recipe today, and hardly any photo’s because these were knocked out after work and eaten before I had a chance to snap a decent shot of… Read More

Raspberry and Apple Cake

Those Autumnal evenings are starting to creep in, aren’t they? The clocks are going to change soon, we will be plunged into darkness at 4 o’clock and all of a sudden it’ll really feel like we have lost the Summer. How glum…. Read More

Autumnal Apple Cake

This little baby doesn’t look anywhere near as good as it tastes. Honest. It is a relatively quick, light, perfectly autumnal bake that I can thoroughly recommend. Just don’t bake it for a dinner party. It is not a looker. The only… Read More