Signature Cakes

All signature cakes below come as a standard 8 inch round cake and cost £50.
Each cake has a generous 4 layers of sponge and lashings of filling so you won’t be going hungry! (These standard cakes will easily feed a party of 20)
Every cake will also be boxed ready for collection. 

All of the cakes can be made in smaller or larger sizes as required depending on your party size, so do get in touch. As a pricing guide, you can amend any of the below to a small (6 inches) for £40, or large (10 inches) for £65.

Not sure of the size you need for your celebration or event? Drop me a line and I would be happy to advise.

Lemon Burst – Light sponge layers drizzled with homemade lemon syrup flecked with lemon zest, encased in lemon buttercream flecked and filled with lemon curd. Decorated with a ring of dehydrated lemon slices and a touch of gold.

Double Chocolate – Chocolate sponges spotted with your choice of chocolate chips, filled with chocolate buttercream. Finished with a silky chocolate ganache and dotted with chocolate shards.

Raspberry, White Chocolate & Pistachio –  A raspberry, white chocolate and pistachio crown sat atop a delicate raspberry sponge, sandwiched together with pistachio paste and a whipped white chocolate ganache for a semi naked finish.

Salted Caramel and Cream Cheese – Chocolate sponges with a homemade salted caramel filling. Lashings of cream cheese buttercream and covered in chocolate ganache and a salted caramel drip.

Blueberry Lime & Coconut – Juicy blueberry and lime zest sponges, filled with a blueberry conserve and desiccated coconut, all wrapped up in a tangy lime and coconut buttercream and topped with a crown of fresh blueberries and desiccated coconut.

Carrot – A naked lightly spiced carrot cake (with or without walnuts and raisins – your choice!) paired with piped rich cream cheese frosting and orange zest

Chocolate Hazelnut – Chocolate sponges that sandwich a generous helping of Nutella and roasted chopped hazlenuts, covered in a smooth chocolate buttercream and finished with even more Nutella and roasted hazelnuts on top.

Spiced Ginger – Layers of spiced ginger sponge encased in a rich cream cheese frosting crowned with a sparkling ginger crumb.

Chocolate & Blackberry – Homemade blackberry conserve layered between chocolate sponges, all wrapped up in a smooth chocolate ganache. 

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Fancy extra layers?
Or would you like some custom decoration for a special occasion?
Then check out our Bespoke Bakes page or just let us know and we would be happy to chat about the possibilities.