Brownie Boxes

Box of 4 slices: £7
Box of 8 slices: £13.50
Box of 16 slices: £25
*Different quantities available on request

Classic Chocolate – As it says on the tin. Sometimes the simple choice is the best! 

Cream Cheese – A smooth cream cheese blonde base mingled with a milk base.

Peanut Butter Swirl- Crunchy peanut butter swirled through a milk chocolate brownie base.

Chocolate Hazelnut– Nutella swirls and sprinkles of toasted hazelnut chunks.

Raspberry and Dark Chocolate – Whole raspberries and dark chocolate chunks scattered through a classic base.

Triple Chocolate – A generous amount of white, milk and dark chocolate chips peppered through a classic base.

Selection Box – Don’t fancy all the same flavour? Why not try our selection box with a mix of your choice from above. Available for box sizes 12 and over. C