A week of treats for the office meant I needed some new recipes, and fast. These recipes were found on brand new blog (to me!). They worked out just perfectly for a first attempt and I didn’t fiddle with the originals at… Read More

Chocolate Therapy 

Sometimes, when your day doesn’t go as planned, you just need a refresh. A do-over. A swipe-the-slate-clean moment to bring you back on an even keel for the rest for the day. Baking is my refresh. When I have a day that… Read More

Chocolate Eclair

My dessert offering for a Sunday lunch hosted by friends. Choux pastry cases filled generously with double cream whipped with vanilla bean and finished with melted dark chocolate and freeze dried raspberries. (Hopefully they will be) Perfect for after a heavy lunch of… Read More

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake

Two  square layers of chocolaty sponge, sandwiched together  with Nutella, covered in vanilla and chocolate hazelnut buttercream with Ferrero Rocher pieces to finish.A perfect gifting sized cake to take to a friends for no reason at all other than to say hi…. Read More

Baked Lemon Tart

A quick bake lemon tart for the weekend straight from Queen of Bake’s, Mary , to see us through the weekend. I literally didn’t change one thing in this recipe so follow this link for the how-to. The pastry caught a tad as… Read More

Raspberry and Vanilla White Chocolate Slab

Sometimes all you need is a big fat slab of chocolate. White chocolate tempered down and mixed with Madagascan vanilla bean, evenly spread and sprinkled with sharp freeze dried raspberries. No baking, no rising, no decorating. Just tempered, flavoured and cooled.

Mince Pie Mountain

You only get to eat them once a year so  why not bake a mountain of mince pies? I baked mine in muffin cases essentially because I’m lazy… it’s a lot easier to wash up the tins this way. Pre-prepared puff pastry… Read More

Chocolatey Love

Look what I found! Is this not the most awesome chocolate packaging design, EVER? I defy you to find better!