So… I’m making one of my close friend’s wedding cake this Summer too. I love all the experimentation and the practice bakes and I really want to make sure I create exactly what she has in mind so I thought I would… Read More

Class two of my sugar craft flowers course was mostly finishing off our roses. (Class one can be found here) I spent as much time as I could with my head burrowed down, furiously thinning and curls the petals to get them… Read More

I have enrolled on my first baking-related course! Sugar flower making to be exact. Told you I was looking to up my cake-finishing game! (here) Class one was learning the basic techniques when working with sugar paste and getting used to sugar… Read More

Over flowing muffin cases filled with raspberries, little chunks of apple and white chocolate pieces. No recipe today, and hardly any photo’s because these were knocked out after work and eaten before I had a chance to snap a decent shot of… Read More

I’ve really started trying to get better at dressing my bakes recently. As a result I have been spending my Sundays playing around with different types of meringue buttercream’s, which has been slow, steady but fun progress. I’ve been using Pinterest and Craftsy to locate… Read More

Have you come across the Butter Baking blog before? It’s proper baking inspiration. Natasha bakes and blogs about the most beautiful desserts. Honestly. My mouth waters EVERY TIME I visit her sight. I follow her on Instagram and the photos of her food… Read More

Today I am mostly day-dreaming of Spring. This Sunday just gone, the sun was shining in through the windows for the first time in what felt like forever, and had given me hope that Spring is on it’s way. We were off out… Read More

The Christmas cake preparations have begun! This year, I have baked three fruit cakes; (two 6 inch, one 8 inch) filled with lime, rum and raisins in place of the more traditional lemon, citrus peel and brandy. Recipe to follow… but for… Read More

This week’s attempts at cake decoration… This was a birthday cake with a (loose) Chemistry theme… bunsen burners and equations were shelved due to complexity so basic beakers got the vote. Not my most elegant bake of all time but fun all… Read More

❤ Happy Birthday to my guy ❤ Here’s the  4 layer alternating hazelnut & chocolate sponge with vanilla sponge sandwiched with passion fruit puree and vanilla buttercream that I made for a birthday treat!