We are 6 months out from getting married this year and I have made the decision to bake our wedding cake. !!! I am not sure at this point if I have made really stupid decision and it is going to cause… Read More

There is an abundance of birthday’s in February at the office so I thought I would made a nice plump lemon drizzle cake to celebrate. I know that lemon drizzle cakes are typically baked in loaf tins… but… it was meant to be… Read More

So a little while ago there was a ray of sunshine shining through on a Sunday afternoon which caused a Spring-y bake to occur. I had raspberries in the freezer and this is what happened… A couple of layers of vanilla sponge… Read More

Most of my bakes are just for fun and get gifted to friends/work so if they go wrong and never appear, there’s no comeuppance. No pressure. They are added extras – an edible bonus if you will. When someone requests something though…. Read More

The final cake for Christmas 2015! We are hosting Christmas for the first time at our house this year, so this one is just for us lot. Another boozy 6-inch from the Bitesize Bakehouse kitchen. I modelled another Santa for the centre, and… Read More

Christmas cake number two was for my colleagues at work. I took Candelo Bloom‘s advice from my previous post and went down the Reindeer route. Meet (a slightly sad looking) Rudolph. His nose ended up so big that it covered his happy… Read More

There are three Christmas cakes coming out of the Bitesize Bakes kitchen this year -just the same as last year (see posts here, here and here). Hopefully, this year I made them look slightly more tasteful than last! This is number one…. Read More

A little late night snack for you. A four layer hot chocolate sponge, filled with a sharp raspberry preserve. That was then absolutely drowned in a creamy chocolate sauce. First bite was chef’s prerogative. Obviously. No fancy edges or smoothed sides. Just… Read More

A sparkly little bake for a cousin who loves her coffee. I am not a huge coffee buff, and as such, didn’t have a fall back recipe to turn to. Enter Une Gamine Dans La Cuisine‘s coffee cake varieties. I plumped for the… Read More

I had a flurry of birthdays this week and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to practice my sponge baking. I picked Mary Berry’s classic Victoria sponge all-in-one recipe (here) and rolled up my sleeves. For these two triple layer chocolate… Read More