Marbled Malteser Muffins (version 2.0)

This morning, I got up (relatively) early to bake. This first thing that popped into my head for a quick bake was Marbled Malteser Muffins. I have blogged about them before (here) and know I can knock out a batch it under… Read More

Snickerdoodles from Santa

I follow a lot of blogs who are based in and around America that post such delicious and inspiring recipes but I am was constantly confronted with conversion difficulties- all those different ingredients and multiple webpages telling you different things. Well… not… Read More

Une petite bouchée d’amour

Today, I noticed my Madeleine tray has been sorely neglected of late. She was looking all lonely and blue at being left out for so long. I have been passing her by each week, whilst I ponder on what to bake, ignoring… Read More

Raspberry and Pine Nut Bars

I am forever running out of the door in the mornings, desperately trying to catch my bus to work after lying in later than I should have. I have a terrible case of missing will power, and that extra few minutes in… Read More

Doughnut Bites

Tuesday nights are fast becoming a little too routine for my liking. I come home early from work, stick on some comfy clothes and jump into the kitchen to make a quick bake before The Great British Bake Off airs at 8pm…. Read More

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

It is officially cold and miserable. There is no going back now, winter weather is setting in. I have already got the slow cook out, bought my winter coat and stocked up on hot chocolate. This Sunday, as the rain hammered down and… Read More

White Chocolate and Cherry Cookies

White Chocolate and Cherry cookies are quick and easy, perfect for sharing, and almost impossible to get wrong. This bake started out life as a Hummingbird Bakery recipe, which uses dried cranberries instead of cherry, slightly less cinnamon and half soft brown… Read More

Marbled Malteser Muffins

Deliciously indulgent Banana and Chocolate soul food at its finest. I got the inspiration for this weeks baking creation, and the core recipe from one of the blogs I follow on a regular basis, The Londoner. You can find the original recipe… Read More

Cream Tea, Anyone?

My trusty scone recipe started out life on the BBC GoodFood website. Over the years though, it’s had a few tweaks here and there. This recipe will produce 12 good-sized (and by good-sized I mean LARGE) scones. 360g Self Raising flour 1/2… Read More