Mince Pie Mountain

You only get to eat them once a year so  why not bake a mountain of mince pies? I baked mine in muffin cases essentially because I’m lazy… it’s a lot easier to wash up the tins this way. Pre-prepared puff pastry… Read More

OK, I can see your eyebrows rising already. My eyebrows rose before I had tried them too, but I am now a full convert. Honestly they are so good! The saltiness of the bacon just makes the chocolate all the more flavoursome…. Read More

I have to be in the right mood for making chocolates. It isn’t like you can just whizz everything up and pop them in the oven. Having said that, the extra effort does mean you get fancy looking chocolates at the end…. Read More

Lime and Coconut Madeleines

Madeleines are little French delights, shell shaped with a slightly-lighter-than-cake like texture (that’s the technical term, right there). I first blogged about them here and regularly come back to the base mix to try a new flavour combo. The plain ones are… Read More

White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

Cookies are quite personal really. Some people like a chewy cookie, others need it crumbly and more biscuit like. I like my cookies fat, a little cakey, and with a couple of flavours going on. Cookies are so versatile. Any mood you… Read More

Chocolate Cream Cravings

On Wednesday, I fancied some chocolatey indulgence. A full on sugar hit. Do you ever have the same kind of cravings? Needing something thoroughly unhealthy, calorific and soul-satisfying? Flicking through my collection of cookery books, I searched for a chocolate heavy, and most… Read More

Ginger Nut Zing’s

I have been experimenting in the kitchen again. Knee deep in caster sugar, cake batter and ideas (with a glass of something alcoholic nearby) is when I am happiest. The product of this little session in the kitchen was these Ginger Nut… Read More

Time Savers

I am not a morning person. Never have been. Never will be. So when something comes along promising to save me time in the mornings and give me a few more precious moments in dreamland, I do not need persuading to give… Read More

ANZAC overload

I have seen these little babies popping up all over the place, mainly due to the recent (ish) Australia day celebrations. I felt like I was missing out, so I popped to the shop, bought me some dessicated coconut and started scrolling… Read More

Blueberry Bursts!

Theses Blueberry Bursts are my latest experimental output. They are somewhere between cupcakes and muffins. Full of flavour and bitesize, but with a little more bite than your usual cupcake. They have a stronger bake structure, but without the heaviness that you sometimes… Read More