Blueberry Muffins


Today’s recipe is actually a recipe revision from a previous post. Back in 2013, I put together a half muffin/half cupcake recipe with blueberries that I called Blueberry Bursts. Since then, I have done a little more fiddling and thought I would share the new (I hope, improved) recipe… Hope you like it! I decided […]

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Mini Croissants

mini croissant

I baked miniature croissants with the 2nd half of that laminated dough from my earlier Pain Au Raisin. How cute are they?! After leaving the pre-made dough in the fridge to defrost slowly overnight, it was left out to come to room temp for a few hours in the morning. I then rolled out the dough and […]

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Pain Au Raisin


I have been fully swept along with the GBBO magic this year and watching pastry week this Wednesday had us desperate for some freshly baked pain au raisins as soon as it had finished. So, this weekend, I made laminated dough for the first time in aaaaaages. It’s a faff, and it takes a while, […]

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Homemade Cruffins!


We live in the UK and there is just nowhere nearby that we can get to (that I know of) in order for me to try a proper, freshly baked, crispy, buttery Cruffin. So, I had the bright idea that I wanted to bake some Cruffins at home instead… how hard could it be to recreate […]

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Cream Cheese Brownies


Hey! It’s been a while… I have been buried under wedding prep for the last month or so but I am back now… …and I made brownies. Cream cheese brownies. 🙂 Now, i’m not a normally a massive fan of brownies. They tend to be a bit too heavy and claggy (is that a word?) […]

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Homemade Custard Creams

Homemade Custard Creams (3)

Custard creams are a household favourite here – a true British (is it?) classic – perfect for a tea dunk on the sofa or just to mindlessly chomp through whilst at your work desk. I know you can buy them for almost nothing now but I thought I would try them myself. Partly due to […]

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Amaretto and Black Pepper Truffles

These Amaretto and Black Pepper truffles were born out of pure procrastination. I was meant to be helping with painting skirting boards but was trying to find anything other than exactly that to do. Hence, I made truffles. The process went as follows: We definitely need cake to fuel our D.I.Y’ing What can I bake? […]

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Raspberry, Blueberry and White Chocolate Muffins

There may be two types of fruit in these Raspberry, Blueberry and White Chocolate muffins but nothing about them are good for you. They are big fat sugary muffins that will in no way help your waist line. They will however, feed your soul. A happy pay off if I do say so myself. These […]

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Milk Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies

A slight variation on my earlier post of White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies. 150g milk chocolate broken into large chunks, 25g dried cranberries and your favourite cookie dough is all you need. Scoop big dollops onto a lined baking sheet, pop them into a oven preheated to 200 degrees and have patience for the 10 minutes that it takes […]

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Mince Pie Mountain

You only get to eat them once a year so  why not bake a mountain of mince pies? I baked mine in muffin cases essentially because I’m lazy… it’s a lot easier to wash up the tins this way. Pre-prepared puff pastry with ready made mincemeat layered in the middle.  A cheats Christmas fix. Here’s […]

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