New Beginnings

Bitesize Bakehouse has a new (physical) home! It has been radio silence of late because we have upped and moved from our old house in Cambridge City to a little village a tad further south. It was all very sudden – we found the house much quicker than we had ever expected to, and the […]

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Blueberry Muffins


Today’s recipe is actually a recipe revision from a previous post. Back in 2013, I put together a half muffin/half cupcake recipe with blueberries that I called Blueberry Bursts. Since then, I have done a little more fiddling and thought I would share the new (I hope, improved) recipe… Hope you like it! I decided […]

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Sunday Baking


A lazy Sunday afternoon bake. Lemon drizzle syrup (from this previous post, here) spooned over a deep sponge (from this previous post, here) with a heavy, smooth, vanilla-flecked buttercream to sandwich the two layers together. No occasion this time – just a quick comfort bake for Rob and I to pair with a vat of tea!

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Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake: Raspberry and Pistachio Cake


Ok, guys. Here is number two in the Bitesize Bakehouse‘s Signature Cake Series: Raspberry and Pistachio Cake. Have a browse… This cake is layers of light raspberry sponge, lifted with a little lemon zest. The sponges are sandwiched together with a whipped pistachio and white chocolate ganache, made with homemade pistachio paste. The cake is then […]

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Cranberry Hot Cross Buns


Easter is approaching which can only mean more reasons to bake unnecessarily 🙂 This week for the blog, I have baked Hot Cross Buns. If you follow me on Instagram (here – do come over and say hi if you aren’t already!), you’ll know I made these a little while back and they are now […]

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Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake: Milk Chocolate and Blackberry Cake


Number one in the Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake Series: Milk Chocolate and Blackberry Cake This is a light chocolate sponge, layered with blackberry conserve and then sandwiched together with a crumb coat of cream cheese buttercream. All of that is then encased with a milk chocolate ganache and left to set. A chocolate cake that is […]

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Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake Series


There is nothing more I love than to spend a day in the Bitesize Bakehouse kitchen experimenting with different flavours. So, I thought I had struck my very own pot of gold when I made the decision to pull together a series of signature bakes for the blog (dreaming of GBBO. Ha). Recipe testing is my […]

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Vanilla and Nutella Panna Cotta

Vanilla and Nutella Panna Cotta

I made Vanilla and Nutella Panna Cotta for our dinner party dessert recently. The inspo came straight off Pinterest. I searched, I copied, we ate. Simple. ♥ It was super quick to put together and, because you can prepare ahead of time, all I had to do was take it out of the fridge and serve it. I […]

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Mini Croissants

mini croissant

I baked miniature croissants with the 2nd half of that laminated dough from my earlier Pain Au Raisin. How cute are they?! After leaving the pre-made dough in the fridge to defrost slowly overnight, it was left out to come to room temp for a few hours in the morning. I then rolled out the dough and […]

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