We love a wedding here at Bitesize Bakehouse and can’t wait to work with you to create a cake (or set of bakes!) that will be just right for your special day.

Depending on the type of wedding you’ve chosen, you might be looking for a simple, single tiered modern design, or a large multi-tiered classic cake adorned with fresh flowers, or maybe you have absolutely no clue and want to be hand-held through.

wedding_ cake_cambridge_essex_bitesize_bakehouse

Whether you come to us with a 1000 ideas, or none, we can help guide you through the process of selecting the flavours, the tiers (and deciding on portions!), as well as the all important look and feel of the overall cake.

We think it is very important that you are confident about the baker taking on the job and that’s why we provide cake tastings for weddings and all large multi tiered cake orders.

wedding cake bitesize bakehouse

For £35 for two people, you get an hour full of cake flavours and fillings, all washed down with champagne and a full consultation on what cake design to go with. We will help you with all the options including styling, display, dietary requirements that need to be accommodated for and all the other little bits in-between. For an additional £5, you can also add on the Edible Favour tasting options if you are thinking of heading down that path. We can do a host of flavours for homemade marshmallows, decorated cookies or macarons that can all be personalised!

wedding cake tasting bitesize bakehouse

Working with you, we will design a bespoke cake that fits in perfectly for your special day. You can rest assured that we will look after every detail discussed and you will be served a delicious wedding cake on your big day!

Bitesize Bakehouse is a 5 star Hygiene rated kitchen and is fully insured.

Fancy buying your nearest and dearest edible gifts this year?

Then we have you sorted!


Check out our Christmas gift boxes available for local pick up or delivery (postal options detailed on relevant items):

Hand Tempered Chocolate: Bags, £3.00 and Bars £4.50
Bag and bars of premium quality hand tempered chocolate, perfect for stocking fillers to get you feeling festive available in the following flavours –
Dark chocolate with freeze dried blackberry crumb
Milk chocolate with roasted hazelnut
White chocolate with vanilla and freeze dried cranberry slices
*bags and bars both available for postal delivery to mainland UK for £3.95 – up to 4 bars to the same address for same postage price


Artisan Marshmallows – Christmas Mix : £3 (bags), £7.50 (gift boxes)
A selection of Christmas marshmallows including mulled wine, vanilla bean cranberry, double chocolate and gingerbread flavours!
*available for postal delivery to mainland UK for £3.95 – up to 3 boxes to the same address for same postage price

2019-11-08 04.14.12 2.jpg

Festive Brownie Gift Box : £20
All our normal brownie boxes are available as per usual (click here for our flavour list and box sizes) but we also have a delicious festive mixed box for you filled with spiced apple, blackberry & dark chocolate, triple chocolate and salted caramel!
*available for postal delivery to mainland UK for £5.50

Gift Wrapped Christmas Treat Box : £25 for 10 items, £35 for 15 items
A beautifully gift wrapped box of Christmas treats including a selection of brownies, royal iced gingerbread shapes, artisan marshmallows, hand tempered chocolate and decorated iced biscuits.

Christmas Gift Wrap Box - Bitesize Bakehouse

Christmas Celebration Cakes : from £45
Your choice of a milk chocolate sponges covered in Oreo buttercream and decorated with a chocolate drip and snowflakes, or a gingerbread sponge covered with cream cheese buttercream and gingerbread biscuits. Available in small (£45), standard (£55) and large (£75).

Contact us today to book in your Christmas treats, or come say hi in person at one of the Christmas markets we are doing this year:

17th November – “Shop Under The Stars” event at the Crown & Thistle, Great Chesterford

30th November – “Histon Handmade” event at the St Andrews Centre, Histon

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Did you know that Bitesize Bakehouse offer Postal Brownies?


Imagine, a box of freshly baked homemade brownies, all packaged up with a personalised message in your favourite flavour, just arriving at your door ready and waiting to be tucked in to. Mmmmmmmm.

Yep. We can get you a box of delicious brownies – all made with high quality organic ingredients and packed full of premium chocolate (no cocoa subs here!) – in the post and on it’s way to anyone you like in as little as 2 days.

It’s the perfect treat to send to that friend who is a little too far away to see in person on their birthday. Or to gift to a special someone as a sweet pick me up during a tough time, a happy time, a sad time or even just because you were thinking of them and why the hell not?!?!

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Now, it’s important to note – we differ from all the other postal brownies on offer at the moment because our boxes DO NOT FIT THROUGH YOUR LETTERBOX. Oh no. Our brownies come in proper chunky slab sizes so our boxes are not “letterbox compliant”. There’s no way one of our brownies would squeeze into a 2cm height box. Uh uh *wags finger back and forth*. Instead, you get a much bigger, much squidgier, muuuuuccchhhhh tastier brownie box.

Watch out for our seasonal boxes too – We’ll have Christmas gift wrapped options coming up shortly… why not sort all your presents out in on fell swoop (read:order) and buy everyone a box of brownies for the big day?! – We’ll also have a valentines special headed your way… Ladies and Gentleman, get those boxes booked and watch the brownie points roll in. Following later in the year, will also be Easter boxes and other themed treats to keep you on your toes.

So, what are you waiting for?
We deliver everywhere across mainland UK!

Here’s our Brownie Box page with all the info on costs, flavours, box size and postage.

CLICK HERE to order now, or contact us if you have any questions regarding our boxes that we can answer for you.

Brownies Tray Shot

It’s been over a year since my last blog post!


A lot has happened/changed in that time though. We moved into our new home and quickly realised that we were going to have to build a completely new kitchen much earlier than planned as the one we had was definitely not fit for purpose and was even more definitely not going to last us any time at all.

Fast forward to now; We have been in our “not-so-new-anymore” home for over a year and a half, and have finally got our brand spanking new kitchen finished!


It was a long time in the making, took A LOT of meticulous planning and we lived through many, many weeks of dust and knocked down walls to get here. I cannot tell you enough how much I love it thought. It was well worth the wait. Sometimes I just stand in the doorway, looking at it lovingly. Haha!

All the hard graft is done now though and you cannot get me out of here – which is good really because I am about to finish work to start my maternity leave and will be spending an increasing amount of time in this place for the foreseeable future!


So, starting as I mean to go on, I am back in the kitchen with all my paraphernalia and ready to get my bake on.

Watch this space!!!

Bitesize Bakehouse has a new (physical) home!

It has been radio silence of late because we have upped and moved from our old house in Cambridge City to a little village a tad further south.

It was all very sudden – we found the house much quicker than we had ever expected to, and the seller wanted a super fast exchange. Fast forward 7 weeks from us putting in an offer- we have moved, started to settle into village life, our new commute and a brand new house that needs to be made into a home.

So, it looks like the radio silence needs to continue on for a tad longer – but I promise it isn’t permanent! As soon as my feet touch the ground and I have unpacked the trusty Kitchen Aid, I will be back to baking.

I am hoping this all occurs sooner rather than later though – is baking withdrawal a thing? If it is, it is definitely happening to me!

See you soon…

J x

Photo credits:
Photo by Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash
Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

Today’s recipe is actually a recipe revision from a previous post.

Back in 2013, I put together a half muffin/half cupcake recipe with blueberries that I called Blueberry Bursts. Since then, I have done a little more fiddling and thought I would share the new (I hope, improved) recipe…

Hope you like it!

Blueberry Muffin Recipe

I decided (read: realised… now that I actually know a bit more about how things bake and what works/doesn’t) taking the blueberry muffins out of the oven half way through their cooking time was a COMPLETELY STUPID thing to do. I also altered the recipe a tad so that there’s no need to faff with extra jam to serve with – they are plenty juicy and moist as they are.

Blueberry Muffin Recipe

300g plain flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
100g sugar
200g frozen blueberries
250 milk
2 eggs
6 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla extract
grated rind of 1 lemon

In a jug, mix together the wet ingredients (milk, eggs, oil, lemon rind and vanilla). In a separate bowl, sieve together the dry ingredients (flour, salt, baking powder, sugar). In the bowl of dry ingredients, pop in the blueberries and then gently fold them in so each blueberry is coated in flour.

Make a well in the middle, pour in the wet mix, and continue to gently fold together until it is just combined, making sure not to over-mix. Put a healthy spoonful of the batter into muffin cases lining a muffin tin and bake in the oven at 200* for around 20 minutes.

Blueberry Muffin Recipe

I find this gives you a gorgeous muffin, with lots of pockets of blueberry flavour all the way through. The lemon helps to lift the muffin texture and means you don’t have that heaviness sometimes associated with blueberry muffins.

What do you think? Fancy giving them a go?

A lazy Sunday afternoon bake.


Lemon drizzle syrup (from this previous post, here) spooned over a deep sponge (from this previous post, here) with a heavy, smooth, vanilla-flecked buttercream to sandwich the two layers together.

No occasion this time – just a quick comfort bake for Rob and I to pair with a vat of tea!


Ok, guys.

Here is number two in the Bitesize Bakehouse‘s Signature Cake Series: Raspberry and Pistachio Cake.

Have a browse…

raspberry-pistachio-cake raspberry-pistachio-cake

This cake is layers of light raspberry sponge, lifted with a little lemon zest.


The sponges are sandwiched together with a whipped pistachio and white chocolate ganache, made with homemade pistachio paste.

raspberry-pistachio-cake raspberry-pistachio-cake

The cake is then finished with more fresh raspberries and crumbled pistachios, for a little nod to the flavours inside.


This cake has definitely got a more Spring vibe that the first (Chocolate and Blackberry Cake), so might become more of a seasonal favourite.


One of the things I am keen to do in creating cakes for the Signature Cake Series is to pull together a set of cake flavours that sits apart from the “norm” that you are so often presented with. I want these to be comfortable flavours that people can easily understand, but that have a twist to make it a tad special.


I hope this one does just that.

The smooth white chocolate ganache isn’t too sweet, and perfectly pairs with the pistachio paste for a subtle flavour that sits well with the pockets of raspberry in the sponge.


Over to you… does this whet your appetite? Would it pique your interest enough to order?

Any suggestions/feedback on the presentation?

As always, comments are very much appreciated and will serve as great research for the big day!


Easter is approaching which can only mean more reasons to bake unnecessarily 🙂


This week for the blog, I have baked Hot Cross Buns.


If you follow me on Instagram (here – do come over and say hi if you aren’t already!), you’ll know I made these a little while back and they are now LONG GONE.


This batch of Hot Cross Buns are a far cry away from my first attempt a few years ago (check out my amateur attempt here!). I am actually really pleased with my progress and blogging my journey means I have little snippets like this to see how far I have come.

These Hot Cross Buns were fluffy, full of spice and had a gorgeous golden coat.


I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe as a starting point (here) and then adapted it slightly. All the details are below in case you fancy giving it a go. The process is essentially the same as Jamie’s – he absolutely knows best! – but I have played with the flour type and flavouring a tad…


200 ml semi-skimmed milk
50ml water
55 g unsalted butter
2 x 7g sachet dried yeast
350g strong bread flour
150g plain flour, plus 4 tablespoons and extra for dusting
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon mixed spice
1 teaspoon cinnamon
½ whole nutmeg
55 g caster sugar
1 large egg, beaten
75g  dried cranberries
grated rind of 1 lemon
2 tablespoons mixed peel
runny honey , to glaze

Warm through the milk and water in a small saucepan. Once warmed, take off the heat and stir in the yeast. Let this sit aside for a few minutes for the yeast to activate.

Melt the butter in a separate saucepan, then take it off the heat and let it cool slightly. Sift together all the dry ingredients into a large bowl and make a well. Pour in the melted butter, followed by the yeast mixture, then the beaten egg.

Combined into a dough (I used my stand mixture and dough hook to bring the mixture together but you could you use a fork, as Jamie suggests, or your hands. This took around 5 mins for me – allow longer if you aren’t using a machine! Firstly it slowly mixed all the ingredients together, and then started to work the dough into a smooth pliable texture once it had all combined.) and then cover and let it rise somewhere warm until it has doubled in size.

Knock out the air, tip out onto a floured surface, sprinkle the cranberries, grated rind and mixed peel on top and knead for a few minutes. Split the dough into 12 roughly equal pieces and roll into ball shapes. These should then be put on a baking paper lined tray with a dish cloth over the top to let them rise once more.

Preheat the oven whilst they finish their last rise (Jamie suggests 190 degrees which I replicated) and make the runny gloop (technical term right there…) for the crosses. To do this, mix together the 4 tablespoons of plain flour with around 3 tablespoons of water. You are looking for a thick paste that you can pipe out but isn’t too solid. Add a little more water or flour until you get it right.

Once the buns have plumped from their last prove, pipe across a the “X” and then bake until a deep golden colour (mine took roughly 25 minutes). To finish, brush with the honey and let them cool.


An improvement from the first lot, I’d say. What do you think?


Are you baking anything for Easter?

Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake: Milk Chocolate and Blackberry Cake

Number one in the Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake Series: Milk Chocolate and Blackberry Cake

milk chocolate blackberry cake milk chocolate blackberry cake

This is a light chocolate sponge, layered with blackberry conserve and then sandwiched together with a crumb coat of cream cheese buttercream. All of that is then encased with a milk chocolate ganache and left to set.

A chocolate cake that is full on flavour but not too heavy.

Perfect for any kind of celebration, i’d say. Wouldn’t you?

Would be super grateful for any feedback… looks? flavour combo? finish?