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chocolate cake

Assuming that you haven’t got here by accident, and that you (like me) love all things cake related, I hope you enjoy a little nose around this site.

Here at Bitesize Bakehouse, you will find a mix of recipes, cake-related inspo, and some rambling along the way.

I started Bitesize Bakehouse as a nice tidy way to capture my baking experiments. Baking is a labour of love and it can sometimes take hours to create something you are so proud of at the end. The cake itself though, that can be devoured in minutes! I thought this site could capture some of the finished products that I have deemed successful in my world (and remembered to photograph before they are eaten) and help them last that little bit longer in time. Something that I could return to when I wanted to bake the same thing again and share with others. It is also a catch-all for everything else “cake” related – links to other bakers I love, quick baking moments along the way that will never make it to a proper post, or just general baking inspo.


Enjoy a little wander around and let me know what you think in the comments!

J x



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