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Assuming that you haven’t got here by accident, and that you (like me) love all things cake related, I hope you enjoy a little nose around this site.

A little about Bitesize Bakehouse’s beginnings:

Bitesize Bakehouse was born out of a hobby. Well, obsession really.

I have been baking since I left University and building up my personal style with a tried and tested list of favourites since waaaaay back then (2009, shhhh!!).

When I started down this flour dusted road, the Bitesize Bakehouse blog was a nice tidy way to capture my baking experiments. Baking is a labour of love and it can sometimes take hours to create something you are so proud of at the end. The cake itself though, that can be devoured in minutes! This site started out capturing some of the finished products that I have deemed successful (and remembered to photograph before they were eaten!!) to help them last that little bit longer in time. Something that I could return to when I wanted to bake the same thing again and share with others. It was also a catch-all for everything else “cake” related in my life; links to other bakers I love, quick baking moments along the way that will never make it to a proper post, or just general baking inspo.

From blog to business:

Since then though, things have moved on quite a bit. I’ve grown in confidence and skill as a baker.  I have been asked, too many times to count, to bake for others that loved the taste of what I had to offer. I tentatively started to charge here and there and (probably a bit too slowly) realised there was a place for me to take my hobby a little more seriously.

Although the blog still lives on, my focus is now on Bitesize Bakehouse, the business. I have a a great set of “Signature Bakes” that I have perfected over time that you can order all year around, and an ever expanding list of brownies that you can have posted to anywhere in the UK. I will also be providing some season specific options that will make their appearance just as you might be sat daydreaming about them so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

I am now available for bespoke orders and events too. I work with both private and corporate clients and my range is expanding all the time. Whether you are after the perfect wedding cake in Cambridgeshire or Essex, a dessert bar for a party or maybe even a sweet grazing table for an event you are hosting – Bitesize Bakehouse can deliver it for you.

Please feel free to contact me and we can have a chat about what you are looking for and whether we can achieve it together!


I hope you enjoy a little wander around and let me know what you think in the comments!

Jade x

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