Ok, guys.

Here is number two in the Bitesize Bakehouse‘s Signature Cake Series: Raspberry and Pistachio Cake.

Have a browse…

raspberry-pistachio-cake raspberry-pistachio-cake

This cake is layers of light raspberry sponge, lifted with a little lemon zest.


The sponges are sandwiched together with a whipped pistachio and white chocolate ganache, made with homemade pistachio paste.

raspberry-pistachio-cake raspberry-pistachio-cake

The cake is then finished with more fresh raspberries and crumbled pistachios, for a little nod to the flavours inside.


This cake has definitely got a more Spring vibe that the first (Chocolate and Blackberry Cake), so might become more of a seasonal favourite.


One of the things I am keen to do in creating cakes for the Signature Cake Series is to pull together a set of cake flavours that sits apart from the “norm” that you are so often presented with. I want these to be comfortable flavours that people can easily understand, but that have a twist to make it a tad special.


I hope this one does just that.

The smooth white chocolate ganache isn’t too sweet, and perfectly pairs with the pistachio paste for a subtle flavour that sits well with the pockets of raspberry in the sponge.


Over to you… does this whet your appetite? Would it pique your interest enough to order?

Any suggestions/feedback on the presentation?

As always, comments are very much appreciated and will serve as great research for the big day!


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