Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake: Milk Chocolate and Blackberry Cake

Number one in the Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake Series: Milk Chocolate and Blackberry Cake

milk chocolate blackberry cake milk chocolate blackberry cake

This is a light chocolate sponge, layered with blackberry conserve and then sandwiched together with a crumb coat of cream cheese buttercream. All of that is then encased with a milk chocolate ganache and left to set.

A chocolate cake that is full on flavour but not too heavy.

Perfect for any kind of celebration, i’d say. Wouldn’t you?

Would be super grateful for any feedback… looks? flavour combo? finish?

13 Comments on “Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake: Milk Chocolate and Blackberry Cake”

  1. Here is some feedback for you … I have done chocolate with raspberry before and that works well, so I imagine that blackberry would be equally as good. As for appearance, I do appreciate your style and I think that you have done a lovely job with the frosting. However, me personally, I like to see some type of piped decoration, especially if I had a celebration in mind.

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    • Thanks for the feedback, Jill. Really good point – I shall have a look into different designs that could accompany the cakes depending on what people are looking for. Maybe some more jazzy ones, as you suggested. That way, they could pick a flavour and a “look” and personalise that way. What do you think?


      • Yes, that’s a good idea to appeal to people like me who like a little “wow factor” to balance the appearance with the taste in a special occasion cake.

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  2. I like the looks, and I think it would be delicious — all it needs are a few candles or fresh flowers (pansies? rose petals?) on top to make it special for a particular occasion. . .

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