There is nothing more I love than to spend a day in the Bitesize Bakehouse kitchen experimenting with different flavours. So, I thought I had struck my very own pot of gold when I made the decision to pull together a series of signature bakes for the blog (dreaming of GBBO. Ha).

Recipe testing is my absolute fave!

[SPOILER ALERT: I am trying to gather the confidence to one day make this little bitesize kitchen into a place where I can sell cakes, so…]

At the moment, that means lots of research, baking and planning. Currently, I’m playing with some branding ideas for this little space on the internet of mine and working out, logistically, how it will all work with a full time job. (Anyone got any advice?? I am all ears!) Running along side that, I am also starting some R&D with “house favourite” cake flavours.

I know you guys can’t taste test for me (Rob’s work are getting that pleasure currently), but I would love your feedback on what you think looks and sounds great: What flavours sound like they would work? Which get you scrolling to see more? Whether you would recommend any changes to them if you were to order one? All help – developmental or positive – would be thoroughly appreciated!

So, watch this space for my Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake Series that will be peppered in between my normal posts!

(P.s. Photos creds go to Pexels today. Not my own fair hands i’m afraid!)

4 Comments on “Bitesize Bakehouse Signature Cake Series”

  1. I wish you the best with starting your own baking business. When I was younger that is something that I wanted to do, but ended up taking the safe route and staying with my day job.
    I have looked through your blog and your cakes are beautiful. One thing I always felt things should not only look good but also taste good. And I have a feeling that is true for your cakes
    I encourage you to go after your dreams one small step at a time. Blessings to you!

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    • Thank you! That is so sweet. I am taking it slowly, doing lots of research and the first few steps will definitely be tentative… but I am really hoping this can be a sustainable creative outlet for me. Fingers crossed!!!


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