wedding cake

I did it. I made our wedding cake!


It is THE BIGGEST cake I have ever baked.


I mean, the stacked wedding cake very nearly didn’t fit in the fridge.


That right there is:

2x 12 inch layers of chocolate sponge with lashing of Nutella sandwiched between it
2x 10 inch layers, 2x 8 inch layers and 2x 6 inch layers of lemon sponge with generous amounts of lemon curd in between

All layered together will so many batches of vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream it would make your eyes water!


We decided on a swirling finish for all layers. Our wedding was a fairly relaxed affair so we didn’t need the grandeur of a fully polished cake – we are a bit rough around the edges anyway so it matched us perfectly!

Having made two others this summer already (here and here), I decided to fully stack the wedding cake at home and box it all up to transport it to the venue down the road the night before our big day. That way, all we had to do the next day was get it out of the fridge and dress it.

I collared each layer with a roll of white ribbon to hide the bits of cake board poking out of the bottom and off we went to the venue.


As the cake was going to be that much bigger, I also opted for just two flavours (rather than a different flavour on each layer).


I had been practicing a few sugar flowers and butterflies over the last few months after the course I attended (hereΒ and here) in the hope that I could use them on my cake.

I dried out some white sugar roses and a butterfly in the weeks leading up to our wedding and gilded the roses to fit with our theme (blue and gold).

wedding_cake wedding_cake

My very talented friend Amy agreed to dress this monster on the day for me (one less thing to worry about whilst I was upstairs preening myself) and she did such a good job! I gave her the box of sugar rosesΒ and some fresh ones and she set to work.

wedding_cake wedding_cake

I didn’t actually get to see our wedding cake until well after we got married and we came downstairs to cut it. I loved it though – and was very happy the groomsmen hadn’t dropped it in the transition from fridge to cake stand!

wedding_cake wedding_cake

What do you think? Do you like it?

I absolutely love making these big cakes. It is so much fun! After I had gotten over the nerves having not made something this big before, it was great being able to just build this monster of a wedding cake and be able to say I baked my own.

(N.B. Some of the photos from the venue are, fairly obviously, not mine – didn’t think a camera around my neck would suit the overall look :-)! They are from our photographer.)

32 Comments on “Our Wedding Cake”

  1. Congratulations, I think the cake is gorgeous and if it tasted half as good as it looked you must have been so happy with the result. I loved the swirls and the decorations, with such a large cake it would have been easy to overdo it, but I think the result was awesome. Your dress looked beautiful too.

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