OK, so, recently I made a roasted garlic and rosemary loaf whereby I was drawn in by imagery on Instagram, immediately copied it and then spent the rest of the day being thoroughly conscious of my breath!


Well, today’s post is about what I did with the other half of that dough.


I had a little rummage in my cupboards/fridge and thought about other flavour combos that would make my mouth water like the first one, but might allow me to be somewhat more socially acceptable for the rest of that day after eating it!


What I settled on, was a Chorizo and Pesto loaf with a parmesan crumb.

What do you think?


Because I had already made the dough, and decided on the filling choice after, I will make some changes next time I bake this. Most obviously, I will omit the salt from the initial ingredient list because it just isn’t needed with the chorizo filling.



I followed the same process as before but smeared the dough with pesto and then layered on the chorizo before rolling it up for its last prove.


Here’s a basic how to for this loaf:
(more details on the bread making process can be found in my original post, here)

800g strong white bread flour
7g sachet of dried fast action yeast
1 tsp salt
450g warm water
2 tbsp pesto
thin chorizo slices
black pepper

Weigh out the dry ingredients in the bowl of a food mixer and make a well. Pour in the water and mix together with the dough hook attachment until it is smooth and pliable. Lift out the dough and shape it into a ball, put it back in the bowl and then inside a plastic bag and leave it on the side to rise to double it’s size.

Once doubled, take the dough out of the bag and knock it back.
*This dough mix makes enough for two loaves so half it and set one lot aside

Roll out the remaining dough to a rough rectangle and smear across the pesto, followed by a generous smattering of roughly torn chorizo slices. Once covered, roll up the dough from one end to the other to create a spiral effect.

Brush the sides and bottom of a loaf tin with a little oil and pop the dough in for its final rise. Preheat the oven to 230 degrees and pop an additional tray at the bottom of the oven. Once the loaf has finished plumping, grate the parmesan over the top of the dough.

When you put your loaf in, let it bake at this temp for 15 mins, and pour a little water into the bottom tray to create a burst of steam. Then drop the temperature down to 200 degrees for around another 20 minutes or until golden.


We had ours as they came. Sliced and then swiftly eaten! I think it would taste great toasted though with a bit of butter.


It’s slightly more fun than baking a regular loaf, don’t you think?


NB: You can probably see that the dough comes away in the spiral a bit. This is because of the pesto layer that stopped the bread from forming together. It didn’t affect the rise and bake though (which I was a little worried about having added in the wet pesto). The loaf was still light and fluffy when it came out –phew– so we didn’t experience any under baked loaves. Just a few gaps here and there.

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