Two of our closest friends got married at the end of August and they gave me the honour of making their wedding cake. I was so excited I even did them a makeshift cake tasting!

Making this cake meant so much to me – It had to be just right for their perfect day. I was A LOT more nervous making this one compared to the first!


Each layer was a different flavour again:

  • The bottom layer was lemon sponge filled with lemon curd (2x 12 inch rounds)
  • The middle layer was chocolate sponge filled with Nutella (2x 10 inch rounds)
  • The top layer was vanilla sponge filled with apple compote and a drizzle of salted caramel (2x  8 inch rounds)

All of these layers were then sandwiched together with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream to tie it all together.


After having made a wedding cake already this summer for another couple we know (here) and learning a few things on the way,  I made a couple of changes to how I would go about creating this next one.


First things first, I didn’t go to bootcamp the night before I dressed the cake so my arms didn’t feel like jelly whilst trying to coat all those layers.

Second, I pre-made all the swiss meriginue buttercream I would need a week beforehand, freezing it until the time came, so there was one less thing to worry about when I came to putting it all together.


Lastly, I transported the cake to the venue in one piece. I.e. I stacked all three layers together before travelling. It made the journey a lot less tense and the centre dowel held everything together with no movement.


I finished this cake with a rough swirl design on the 1st and 3rd layers which sandwiched the smooth finish on the 2nd. It was a step up from the last cake, with it being (to date) the biggest cake I had ever made. I had hoped the swirls would keep to their rustic-chic theme but that the sharp finish would also inject a little glamour that was befitting a wedding day.

My beautifully talented friend Amy dressed the cake at the venue with fresh roses.
Don’t they look so elegant? She really took the cake to the next level.


I was so happy that the newly weds liked their cake. It was a real pleasure to be able to make them this gift as their wedding present and you have NO IDEA how pleased I was to have not cocked it up.

What do you think? An improvement on the first?


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