I have been fully swept along with the GBBO magic this year and watching pastry week this Wednesday had us desperate for some freshly baked pain au raisins as soon as it had finished.

pain-au-raisin pain-au-raisin

So, this weekend, I made laminated dough for the first time in aaaaaages.


It’s a faff, and it takes a while, but OMG it was worth it.


I used Paul Hollywood’s laminated dough recipe (here), and having started a tad later than I had planned (8pm), I actually ended up squidging a few steps together.

pain-au-raisin pain-au-raisin

Step 5 calls for 3 envelope folds, chilling the dough for an hour each time so the butter doesn’t melt and seep through the dough. In an effort to not stay up ’til 1 am (yes, i’m old an boring now) I completed 2 envelope folds back to back, trying to be as quick as I could. Don’t tell Paul! I hoped for the best, popped it back in the fridge to chill overnight and went to bed.


In the morning, I made a creme patisserie using Eric Lanlard’s fool proof recipe (here). I just swapped in a teaspoon of vanilla extract rather than steeping the milk with a vanilla pod for a stronger flavour.

Whilst the creme patisserie was cooling, I squeezed half a lemon over two big handfuls of raisins and let them settle.

I have frozen half of the dough for another time. The other half though, I rolled out into a rectangle and smothered it with the creme patisserie and sprinkled on the raisins. This then got rolled up and sliced into rounds.

pain-au-raisin pain-au-raisin

Turns out, in my infinite ability to be well prepared, I had run out of baking paper. I buttered and floured a flat tray and hoped for the best (for the second time this bake…). The rounds were plopped onto the tray for their last prove.

pain-au-raisin pain-au-raisin

When we couldn’t wait any longer, and the pastries looked like they had puffed up a bit, I popped them in the oven for 20 mins at 200 degrees. I think these are actually a tad over baked, I should have taken them out a couple of minutes earlier – they only take a second to turn – so I will make sure I keep a closer eye on the next batch.


Our craving was sated and we can continue normally again now 🙂
Until next Wednesday that is…





16 Comments on “Pain Au Raisin”

  1. Wow, they do look good! So professional. I had to Google what laminated dough was (as well as what faff means) and I do admire all your hard work. I don’t think I would attempt it!

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  2. These look amazing!!! I’d love to try these but sounds like I might need to dedicate a lot of time to them. Maybe I’ll pop something in the diary…

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