Golf Themed Retirement Cake

Rob’s office are winning in the cake stakes again.

Golf Themed Retirement Cake

Not so long ago, they got a nice big swiss meringue coated beast whilst I was practicing my rustic finishes and doweling, and now they have a new one to chomp down on.

Golf Themed Retirement Cake

This is a retirement cake for a long standing staff member who loves golf.

They knew exactly what they wanted- large enough to feed 20-25, golf themed, and very green. It was a surprise for the recipient so Rob and I searched through Pinterest for some inspiration and came up with this.

A little old guy, desperately trying to blow his ball into the hole.

Golf Themed Retirement Cake Golf Themed Retirement Cake

The guy, the golf balls, the rake and the trees were all made out of modelling fondant. I made these the day before so they could dry out a bit. I covered a small cake board with green modelling fondant and set the guy up on top so that they could just easily pick it up and take it off when it came to slicing.

The cake was covered in Swiss Meringue buttercream and I think it can be a weird taste to have the two together. Don’t you? Anyway, the green is meant to be super smooth and different to the other grass, right?

Golf Themed Retirement Cake Golf Themed Retirement Cake
I filled, crumb coated and chilled as normal for the cake. The buttercream for the top layer was then dyed a grass green, before covering the cake and chilling it again. Once the cake was firm, I started to build soft mounds on the top of the cake to use as the side of my bunker.

It was Rob’s inspired idea to grind some digestive biscuits down for the bunker sand, and to put the little foot prints in. Can you see them??

Golf Themed Retirement Cake (8) Golf Themed Retirement Cake

We finished the cake with a few garish green sprinkles around the trees, laid the rake in the bunker and ta da!

Golf Themed Retirement Cake Golf Themed Retirement Cake

My second themed cake wasn’t too bad but I wasn’t as satisfied with it as my first (here), although the process was admittedly A LOT smoother! I think maybe I should have deepened the green of the buttercream and made the golf green that the little man is on out of that instead. You can see that the board sits up a tad in some of the corners so if it was attached it would have looked better.

Rob said it went down well and the guys that tucked into it really enjoyed it so I am happy with the outcome.

What should my next themed one be? I want to try more!!

Golf Themed Retirement Cake


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