Because I don’t need much of an excuse to bake a cake…


Rob’s work had just moved office so I decided to bake them a “happy new office cake”. Obviously.

This bake was actually from a little while ago. If you follow me on Instagram (take a peak here) you will have seen me post this bake back in May! Admittedly, it’s been a while getting round to posting it on Bitesize Bakes-but I am back at it properly now. Promise. 🙂

(Cue catch up posts on a few more recent bakes over the next couple of weeks) 


Two fluffy, high-risen Vanilla sponges were sandwiched together with mango puree (I must confess this was shop bought, not homemade -HORROR!) on both the 8inch and 10inch rounds. Then, I lathered on the swiss meringue buttercream (it is fast becoming a firm fave in the Bitesize Bakehouse kitchen) with a rustic finish.

Mango_Cake_Swiss_Meringue_Buttercream Mango_Cake_Swiss_Meringue_Buttercream

In true amateur fashion, and as you can quite obviously see from every photo, I didn’t have the correct base sizes for my cakes.

Must. Try. Harder.

…but hey. I do this for fun, and don’t get paid so there is only so much people can expect!

It looked a tad disheveled with it’s messy finish and massive boards. So, to help distract from this, I couldn’t resist finishing the sponges with a generous sprinkling of edible silver stars and a light spray around the bases of silver as well.

The beautiful art of sparkly distraction.

Mango_Cake_Swiss_Meringue_Buttercream Mango_Cake_Swiss_Meringue_Buttercream

(NB: I have a four strong bubble straws in the base layer to stop the top layer weighing down on it)

I’m not a huge fan of the rustic look. It just looks like I haven’t quite finished it yet. Are you?

Do you have any tricks to make it look a bit better but at the same time keeping it’s rough and ready feel?


9 Comments on “New Office Cake”

    • Aww thanks. It just isnt as neat as others so I didn’t no when to stop playing around with it. It is hard to know when to stop when its like that! Wish I had a taste though. I think I might nab a bit of the batter from now on and make a little cupcake of the same so I know what the end result tastes like as well as looks like!


  1. Sometimes the rustic look works. This is one of those times. Looks great, love the minimalist look. Hilarious how you find any excuse to bake. Me too.

    “Oh, whats this cake for?”
    “Ermm, congratulations!”
    “For what?”
    “For erm…for…wearing that green t-shirt so well…here’s a cake”

    Liked by 1 person

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