We live in the UK and there is just nowhere nearby that we can get to (that I know of) in order for me to try a proper, freshly baked, crispy, buttery Cruffin. So, I had the bright idea that I wanted to bake some Cruffins at home instead… how hard could it be to recreate the croissant/muffin craze of last year?…

*Cue internet search for the best recipe*

*Cue breakdown at the crazy length of time and faff that was required to bake said Cruffins*

*Cue contemplating relocating to New York instead just to buy one more easily *

*Cue accidentally stumbling across Lady and the Pups and her drool-worthy food blog, solving all my woes in one hit*


Ok, so the recipe (here) is still a tad faff-y, BUT, it’s a lot less faff-y than the other “proper” Cruffin recipes that I came across -which in some cases can take you up to 3 days to prepare (Hell. No.).


Mandy Lee, of Lady and the Pups, has a recipe that sort of fast forwards the process by using a pasta machine. WIN. Plus the photos are beyond glorious. I could just sit and scroll through her site for days and swoon at the imagery. (Note to self: I have a loooooong way to go in capturing my bakes by all accounts)


So I followed it blindly. No changes. No swaps.

The only thing I was very grateful for half way through was an extra pair of hands when I was rolling the dough through the pasta machine as it go so long I couldn’t handle it alone.

She has a super handy diagram to run you through the rolling process so there is no confusion – and the tasting notes were spot on (i.e it’s more savoury than you would think so add her recommendation of sugar if you have a sweet tooth).


…and the outcome?



Just as Mandy promised – flaky perfection. The dough doesn’t yield many Cruffins, so be sure to get in there quick!

I will definitely be making them again – next time, I will listen when she says more sugar. This batch were rolled in a cinnamon and sugar mix once baked which was delicious, but I was also thinking a forest fruit jam would be amazing to run through it as well.

Have you made Cruffins before? Or managed to buy a real one?

I am well overdue a trip to NYC to get my hands on the real thing, but for now, these will do very well to sate me!


13 Comments on “Homemade Cruffins!

  1. Wow! this is so interesting. your cruffins look awesome and so tasty. I would love to try these. I must admit, I have never even heard of cruffins until now 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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  2. These sound delicious! I am going to make them sometimes this weekend. We have been to NYC several times, but I have never heard of cruffins! We tend to go to the bakeries in Little Italy most times…where is a good place to get them? I am also overdue for a trip to NYC!!!

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    • Let me know how they go if you do try them! I’m not sure exactly where is best to get them- I am desperate to visit NYC myself and hoping to get over there in Nov. I will report back if I find any to shout about!!


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