Wedding cake prep is well underway in the Bitesize Bakehouse and you can definitely tell!


You know I recently said I was going to be making some of my friends wedding cakes this year (here)? Well, the time has finally rolled around.



I am making two sets of friends their wedding cakes this summer – just two weeks apart from each other – and then my own wedding cake shortly after that! So, to prepare, we brought a small chest freezer and I have been slowly baking the sponges ahead of the dates so that I am (somewhat) ready when the day to prep arrives.


I only have a small, single oven, so it’s one batch at a time for me. Slowly but steady progress. These have all been baked, cooled, cling-filmed, foiled, clingfilmed again (because I am paranoid about the defrost process and need it to work out ok!!!) and popped into the new freezer to lie in wait for their crumb coat dates in a few weeks.

Do you have any tips for cake prepping? Or just getting ahead to simplify finishing on the big cakes? Would love to know if you do…

Right, I am off to bake a few more.

Wish me luck!

4 Comments on “Wedding Cake Prep”

  1. Sorry no tips from me, but honestly I think you have it done right with the wrapping up for the freezer. That works like a dream. All the best for your wedding by the way, hope you post a pic of your cake as well. 🙂

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