cream cheese brownies

Hey! It’s been a while… I have been buried under wedding prep for the last month or so but I am back now…

…and I made brownies.

cream cheese brownies

Cream cheese brownies.


cream cheese brownies

Now, i’m not a normally a massive fan of brownies. They tend to be a bit too heavy and claggy (is that a word?) for me. I’m not normally a massive fan of cream cheese either. Why did she even bother to bake these?, you ask. One of my friends had sent me a pic of some brownies she had found on her travels so I thought i’d give them a go. The pic I was sent looked so good… and I hadn’t baked any I can’t remember how long… and once my interest is piqued, there is no going back.

cream cheese brownies

I figured, I give most of my baking away so I was sure I could find them a good home if it came to it.

cream cheese brownies

Turns out, all brownies before these were just not good versions of brownies… I absolutely loved them. To the point that none were given away!

cream cheese brownies

Recipe can be found here if you fancy giving them a go yourself, which I thoroughly recommend.

It was, surprisingly, my first ever Martha Stewart recipe attempt since I started baking. They whip up in no time at all and bake in just shy of an hour. Super simple if you ever need a cheeky offering to take to someones house and taste fab.

cream cheese brownies

The only changes I made were to swap in milk chocolate for the bitter/semi-sweet (personal preference) and to use one slightly heaped cup of caster sugar rather than the stated one and a half cups.

This link is now safely lodged in my favourites as a go to now and I think it should be in yours too…

cream cheese brownies

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