wedding cake tasting

So… I’m making one of my close friend’s wedding cake this Summer too.

I love all the experimentation and the practice bakes and I really want to make sure I create exactly what she has in mind so I thought I would have a little homemade taster session (read: another excuse to make cake, hang out and eat it all).

wedding cake tasting

For our “wedding cake tasting” I made:

(Top Left) A vanilla sponge filled with fresh cream and raspberry compote covered with fondant icing
(Top Right) A lemon sponge filled with lemon curd and covered in a swiss meringue buttercream
(Bottom Left) A chocolate sponge filled with salted caramel and covered in a milk chocolate ganache
(Bottom Right) A vanilla sponge covered in fresh raspberry buttercream

We had a taster of each and chatted through ideas for sizes and design. We settled for 3 different flavour combos on 3 different levels all covered in a vanilla swiss meringue buttercream so that the whole cake when put together looks the same. I am so excited about getting started on it!

There was SO much cake left over though! I had hugely overestimated the amount we would consume, so I send them home with the remainder. I think (if I do this again) that next time I will create mini cakes for the tasters rather than full size. Maybe cupcake sized so that we can try more flavour combos a the same time.

Have you done anything like this before?

I loved it every minute of it – I wish I could do this everyday!

12 Comments on “Wedding Cake Tasting”

  1. I’m also about to start talking wedding cakes with my cousin and his fiancee. However, it’s a destination wedding and I’d like some tips on how to maybe charge for that, and whether or not to travel with the cake already baked. Eek!

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  2. These look incredible! So pretty and well-polished. Beautiful skills 🙂 and those flavour combos… oh man! Good luck for the cake, I’m sure it will be absolutely stunning 🙂 keep us updated!

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