mango and passionfruit layer cake 3

We are 6 months out from getting married this year and I have made the decision to bake our wedding cake.


mango and passionfruit layer cake 3

I am not sure at this point if I have made really stupid decision and it is going to cause me undue stress in the run up to what is meant to be a fun and enjoyable day… or… (and I hope it is the latter) it is going to beΒ fine and give me an opportunity to push myself to try a few new things and work on my presentation.

Either way, it’s too late now. I’ve committed.

mango and passionfruit layer cake 3

My plan in order to avoid a catastrophe is… practice, practice, practice.

As such, on top of my irregular baking spurts that I blog about, I am baking Rob a cake each month in the run up to the wedding to try out a bake that might make it to the big day.

mango and passionfruit layer cake

This one is a mango and passionfruit layer cake.

mango and passionfruit layer cake 3

Four layers of vanilla sponge, lined with passionfruit puree, and sandwiched together with mango and passionfruit buttercream.

mango and passionfruit layer cake 3
After I had beat the buttercream edges into submission, I topped it with a mango chunk “6”.

The first cake option on the board.


15 Comments on “Mango and Passionfruit Layer Cake”

  1. I think this looks absolutely amazing, it sounds like it would taste awesome, I wish I could try it!! I love the idea of trying to get your baking perfect…. try, try, try again….and thanks for liking my lemon poppyseed muffins, have a wicked day!

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  2. Looks beautiful and clean, and that flavour combo is soo gorgeous! Any thoughts on how you’re going to decorate it for the big day? (congrats, by the way!) Flowers are always an easy and beautiful way to class up a cake πŸ™‚ How many is the cake supposed to serve? Let us know how you get on πŸ™‚

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    • Still having thoughts about the cake design – I’m been learning how to make sugar paste flowers so will probably use some of those. It needs to serve around 150 so not a huge thing but I’m thinking three tiers with different flavours in each! Am I mad?

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      • Roses i think… but i’m going to try a few large peonies and ranuculus too, to see if I can master those before the big day. If I do, i think i’ll have a play at making a few sprays with all three and some filler flowers to “spill” down the layers. All very hopeful at this point though. I need to get my practice head on!!

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  3. Don’t worry, you will be fine – and save heaps of money by making your own cake. When my daughter got married, her husband made their cake and I always laugh when I think about going to his mother’s place, where the wedding was going to be held, the day before and there he was, piping icing on a 3-tier cake! Normally he is holding power tools! By the way, everyone loved it!

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