There is an abundance of birthday’s in February at the office so I thought I would made a nice plump lemon drizzle cake to celebrate.

Lemon drizzle cake

I know that lemon drizzle cakes are typically baked in loaf tins… but… it was meant to be a birthday cake and receiving a loaf cake for your birthday would just be a bit deflating. Wouldn’t it?

After doubling my recipe for a nice big lemon drizzle cake and adding plenty of grated rind to the cake batter, I then gave the cooled cake a good soak with a lemon juice syrup before topping with vanilla Swiss Meringue buttercream.

lemon drizzle cake 2

In all honesty, I was just going to do a normal buttercream icing for this cake, flavoured with some lemon juice and then tint it yellow with some food dye so I could practice my smooth icing. When I got around to make the icing though, I realised I was entirely out of icing sugar.


It was late on Sunday night and I was already half way through cooking dinner so there was no way Iw as heading out to buy some more. A Swiss Meringue buttercream, needing caster sugar instead (which I always have in abundance), was my only option.

By the time I had heated the egg whites and sugar over the bain marie, cooled, whipped, added butter, vanilla etc etc etc, whilst attempting not to ruin dinner at the same time, all I could muster was blobbing it on top in the end.

lemon drizzle cake 1

They still enjoyed it in the office though, with a suitable cacophony of “mmmmmms” and “ahhhhhhhhs” whilst they ate, so I was content with the outcome- even if I hadn’t managed to squeeze in tad more decorating practice.  I don’t think this is too bad for a Sunday night, not-so-well-thought-through-bake. What do you think?

Notes for next time:
I think I would go hell for leather on the lemon juice syrup next time – I only used the juice of one lemon and I think, with the size of this cake, it could definitely have done with a bit more “Ooomph” on the drizzle front. The lemon flavour in the cake was there but it was very subtle. It would have been better to have a punchier flavour coming through to balance the rich vanilla swiss meringue buttercream in the end.

14 Comments on “Lemon Drizzle Cake”

  1. Hi there. I just popped onto the site to say thanks for liking my post about my valentines cake, and I found your lemon drizzle cake. Your problem with the buttercream sounds just like something I would do. I’m glad the Swiss meringue version worked out.


  2. Sounds really tasty. I literally drown my lemon cakes with juice, although I think I may use less sugar in future to try and get the tang of the lemon juice. Always nice when you can share your bakes with others too 🙂


  3. Jade, thank you for the like for my blog story, Brown Bread, in my blog Postcard from a Pigeon. I’m sorry if the title was misleading, ‘brown Bread’ is rhyming slang for ‘dead’, as you might’ve surmised. I loved the drizzle cake story, it made me drool; karmic payback for a diabetic


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