So a little while ago there was a ray of sunshine shining through on a Sunday afternoon which caused a Spring-y bake to occur. I had raspberries in the freezer and this is what happened…


A couple of layers of vanilla sponge (Mary Berry’s all in one recipe this time round), sandwiched together with Raspberry jam made the foundations for some sharp buttercream edging practice.



I used a basic buttercream ingredientsΒ of icing sugar and butter to make a slightly too thick mix. I then defrosted some frozen raspberries and used the thawed fruit and the juice to loosen the buttercream and give it some texture.


As you can see, I still have some work to do on getting that top edge straight, but I’d say the sides are coming along nicely, don’t you think?


I didn’t have time to crumb coat properly as we were headed out to lunch with friends (with this being dessert) so it ended up as a sort-of-naked cake.


Having more time to faff over the finished product, I think I would have liked to top it with more raspberries. Looking back on it now, it seems a tad bare.






Very fresh, don’t you think? C’mon Spring… catch up!

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