Christmas Cake – 2015 – Take Two

Christmas cake number two was for my colleagues at work.

Christmas Cake 2015 2_0028_1024_Fotor

I took Candelo Bloom‘s advice from my previous post and went down the Reindeer route.

Meet (a slightly sad looking) Rudolph.

Christmas Cake 2015 2_0034_1024_Fotor

His nose ended up so big that it covered his happy looking mouth. Whoops.

This cake was much smaller than my first (6inch vs 8inch), but filled with the same amount of Rum. You could smell it as soon as you cut into the first slice!

Christmas Cake 2015 2_0029_1024_FotorChristmas Cake 2015 2_0030_1024_FotorChristmas Cake 2015 2_0031_1024_Fotor

Sorry about the crappy photo quality. I was attempting to take shots at night, in my hallway, before I had to take it into work the next morning to be devoured.

Any tricks to get better photos whilst it’s dark this winter?

I only have a basic flash on my camera and the lighting is just crappy at this time of year.

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