Christmas Cake – 2015 – Take One

There are three Christmas cakes coming out of the Bitesize Bakes kitchen this year -just the same as last year (see posts here, here and here). Hopefully, this year I made them look slightly more tasteful than last!

Christmas Cake Decoration 2015.1

This is number one.

Christmas Cake Decoration

Number one saw it’s heavy-bottomed way to the annual family gathering last weekend and was hoovered up quite respectably.

Christmas Cake Decoration

I made a Elf style father ChristmasΒ for the centre piece, and then surrounded him with holly cut outs and a few red berries.

Christmas Cake Decoration

What do you think?

How should I decorate the next two?

Christmas Cake DecorationChristmas Cake Decoration



10 thoughts on “Christmas Cake – 2015 – Take One

  1. Loved your Christmas Cake! What a cute elf!!! What about a reindeer or a Saint Nicholas, a giant snowflake or maybe a sweet little Christmas Mouse in a Santa hat! Have a great Christmas and Best Wishes for 2016!!!


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