chocolate cinnamon babka

chocolate cinnamon babka

I must start this post with a thank you. A MASSIVE thank you in fact to The Gentleman Baker who put me onto this bread bake. Before him, I had never actually heard of Babka before.

babka (12)

I had spied his incredibly mouth watering photo of a ‘just baked’ Babka on Instagram and had to find out more. Obviously, out came Google search, an apron and the bread flour..

Having scoured the internet for further info on this Polish/Jewish sweet bread, I settled on an amalgamation of two recipes. The Purple Foodie’s recipe was my starting point and base recipe, but I also went back to The Gentleman Baker’s version for the glaze too. Both are quite similar: You knead, you wait. You knead, you wait. You fill with chocolate and cinnamon, you twist, you wait. You bake, and devour.

babka (11)

Creamy, soft, light sweet-bread with a crisp shiny crust, encasing molten cinnamon-y chocolate chunks. What’s not to love?! Granted the calories might be a little hinderence to a fully blown unfaltering love affair with this bread, but once you’ve tasted it, I can promise you that calories are the last thing on your mind.

I cannot recommend this bake enough. I mean, there is no way you cannot have a go at this really. It’s called a chocolate Babka for god’s sake.


It should Just be baked because of it’s amazing name.

babka (1)

Have you baked a Babka before? Or even heard of one? The recipe I used produced two big loaves (one of which I froze just before baking, and once defrosted baked just as well as the first) – who fancies a slice?chocolate cinnamon babka

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