A sparkly little bake for a cousin who loves her coffee.

mocha chocolate bundt cake (12)

I am not a huge coffee buff, and as such, didn’t have a fall back recipe to turn to. Enter Une Gamine Dans La Cuisine‘s coffee cake varieties. I plumped for the Mocha Bundt Cake mainly because I will jump at any chance to use chocolate in a recipe, and also to make sure everyone liked the cake (not just the coffee drinkers!).

The recipe (here), although at first look seems like a bit of a baking trek, was actually really easy to follow. I didn’t use the walnuts, and had to sub in honey for the light corn syrup (does anyone know what the English version of this is?!?!?). I also used milk chocolate (Heathen, I hear you cry!) instead of dark.

To decorate, I sprayed the cake base with edible gold shimmer spray (it’s my new best friend – prepare for everything I bake in the future to have a slight gold glint!) and paired the Bundt with its rightful partner, Hot Fudge Sauce (my stomach is rumbling again just typing this), and some pretty edible stars I picked up recently to lift all that dark brown.

mocha chocolate bundt cake (10)

Do you like it? I hope I did Valerie’s recipe proud. It did my stomach proud for sure…maybe not so much my waist line though…

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