Pan Di Spagna

pan di spagna with vanilla buttercream 2

I found this Italian sponge recipe whilst browsing Pinterest recently and just had to try it. It boasted absolutely no oil, baking powder or butter… just simply eggs, sugar and flour. The original recipe is from AsEasyAsApplePie and I followed the recipe to the letter as I had never made this type of sponge before.

It came out beautifully. Soft, light and silky, just as I was promised. I split mine into two large layers, filled it generously with raspberry conserve and then made a huge batch of vanilla buttercream to practice my piping work.

pan di spagna with vanilla buttercream 3

I recently purchased April Carter‘s cookbook, Decorated, and am eagerly trying to improve my “finished articles”. This finish was quite easy to apply but I still have work to do on getting all those air bubbles out and tidying up the edges.

pan di spagna with vanilla buttercream
In hindsight, due to its airy texture, I would not use a heavy buttercream the next time I bake this. All that sponge needs is a few berries and some whipped cream. Alternatively, I think it would be the perfect sponge for tiramisu or trifle – lots of room to soak up the flavours.



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