Chocolate Therapy 

Sometimes, when your day doesn’t go as planned, you just need a refresh. A do-over. A swipe-the-slate-clean moment to bring you back on an even keel for the rest for the day.

Baking is my refresh. When I have a day that just doesn’t want to play ball, a couple of hours in the kitchen playing with ingredients can bring it right back on track.

Knee deep in butter, icing sugar covering everything and taste-testing as I go (chef’s prerogative!) is where I am happiest. I am at my most calm with the music blaring, the oven hot and immersed amongst those messy kitchen counters. Bonus points if there is chocolate involved too. I’ve not had a day yet that couldn’t be solved with a chocolatey bake and a bit of “me” time.

What’s your re-fresh tactic?

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