Cinnamon Bun Cake

Ok, so, I don’t normally work with yeast. It is unpredictable for me – I will either have a monstrous rise that is almost uncontrollable, or the dough will be as flat as a pancake, mimicking cement until I finally give up and chuck it away. There just doesn’t seem to be an in-between.

I don’t understand it like I do regular cake baking so I steer clear and bake what I know best. Cake. Having said that, this is my second post in a row using yeast (or as close to bread baking as I get) so there must be some part of me that wants to get on better with it I guess…

This cinnamon bun cake was absolutely delicious but if I am honest, it was created entirely by accident – born from my inability to tame the yeast.

cinnamon bun cake

I saw James Morton (the Scottish bread guy from GBBO 2012) post a Cinnamon Bun recipe on Twitter a while back and the picture literally made my mouth water so I knew I just had to try it out.

The recipe was straight forward enough (find it here). A step by step walk through to make Cinnamon Buns…. And  I followed it. Step by step.

cinnamon bun cake cinnamon bun cake

Popped these little babies to the side to rise a little and BAM.

cinnamon bun cake

Monster cinnamon buns.

As per the recipe, I put the lid on and baked. Before I knew it these buns had fused and created a cake.

cinnamon bun cake

I mean, this has to be one of by better kitchen accidents but I am still none the wiser about how it occurred.

I finished the cake with a lemon icing glaze instead of a cream cheese and tucked right in. A bready-cakey-cinnamony-warm delight. I’ll be damned if I am able to recreate it again though!

If you have any yeast advice, please comment below. All help welcome!




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