I had a flurry of birthdays this week and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to practice my sponge baking. I picked Mary Berry’s classic Victoria sponge all-in-one recipe (here) and rolled up my sleeves.

For these two triple layer chocolate and passion fruit sponge cakes I made two plain sponge rounds with the recipe in the link above. I then baked four more sponges rounds that were chocolate flavoured. I used the same base recipe and added 3 heaped spoons of cocoa dissolved in some hot water to the same batter mix.

triple_layer_sponge_cake triple_layer_sponge_cake

I had a jar of passion fruit curd that we had picked up in Bath recently that I used to sandwich alternating layers together. Both cakes were then crumb coated first with a plain buttercream so I could attempt a smooth finish.


For the outer layer chocolate buttercream on the first cake, I whipped together the following:

500g icing sugar
200g butter
Splash of milk
125g milk choc, melted and cooled


…and for the second:

500g icing sugar
200g butter
Splash of milk
Tablespoon of passion fruit curd
Rose petal sprinkles

Two cakes exactly the same on the inside, but with very different personalities.

5 Comments on “Triple layer chocolate and passion fruit sponge cake”

  1. Your cake looks gorgeous. I recently attempted to make a sponge layer cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. My first layer turned out very unsponge like, the second layer was an improvement. I ended up going back to my reliable butter cake instead. I feel like sponge cake is my nemesis 😛


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