Banana and Walnut Loaf

It’s cold outside and I had some bananas that were well past their best. The obvious bake in my mind was  Banana Bread. Having missed out any kind of nuts the first time around (here), I thought I would give this bake a go with them included.

banana and walnut bread

The loaf was still nice and light, but the depth that the walnuts gave was a really nice change to the norm.

Note: Try a slice toasted with a little bit of butter. So good.

Recipe adaptation below.

banana walnut bread banana walnut bread

2 Bananas (the older and blacker they are, the tastier the bread!)
50 ml Milk
100g Butter
150g Light Brown Sugar
2 Eggs
250g Self Raising Flour
2 tsp Cinnamon
Generous handful of walnuts, roughly chopped

Mush the bananas and milk together in a bowl, and cream the sugar and butter in another. Combine together and then mix in all the other ingredients (bar the walnuts). You want a well combined mixture, but it should still be pretty lumpy. Mix in the walnuts quickly after the other ingredients are combined. Stick it in a lined loaf tin, and sprinkle a little more Cinnamon and a few whole walnuts over the top.

Pop it in the oven at 180* for approx. 50-60minutes and voila…

2 Comments on “Banana and Walnut Loaf”

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