Penguin Christmas Cake

This year I decided to focus my attentions on the outside of my Christmas cake a little more. I have made a cheeky little Penguin Christmas cake for my little sister.

I am normally one for putting all my energy into the taste of the cake that I sometimes never bother ‘dressing’ it. All I want to do after it is baked, is eat it.

penguin christmas cake

So here is my first Christmas cake of the year… all dressed up and ready to go.

What do you think? It’s my first time modelling so the ropes around the bottom are a little dry. Practice will fix that hopefully though. Not too bad for a first go, I hope.

penguin christmas cake penguin christmas cake

This is the first of three Christmas cakes I have made this year. They are all a dense, heavy fruit cake, laden with booze, as per tradition. However, i’m not a massive fan of mixed peel or brandy so I tweaked a recipe to make it a little more Caribbean inspired.

penguin christmas cake penguin christmas cake

These have lime juice and rind in place of the mixed peel and hefty amount of spiced dark rum rather than brandy. I am hoping to God this little flavour experiment works – normally you know right away but with these you have to feed and rest and feed and rest and feed…

Next weekend I will have finished Christmas cake number two… and if I am even luckier, the modelling will be a little better too!

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