Lemon and Lime drizzle cake

This is an Eric Lanlard special. I only have one of his cook books so far, but I am totally hooked.

Sorry, I haven’t included the recipe today – I literally didn’t change a thing so would feel really cheeky posting it (especially ‘cus I couldn’t find a link to it anywhere online either). If you fancy baking this, you can find a similar recipe here. It is almost exactly the same! It is basically a light sponge with the zest of a lime and lemon added in at the flour stage.

lemon lime drizzle cake

The key thing about this bake, and the reason I’m posting it, is the drizzle. It rocked my WORLD!

Once the cake was baked, and cooled I mixed the juice of 2 limes and 2 lemons with 200g of icing sugar.

I poked holes through the top of the cake and poured about a third of the syrup over the top of the cake. This is quite a slow process as I had to make sure it all soaked in.

Next, to the remaining syrup I added another 200g of icing sugar. This thickened it up into more of a glaze so it would set over the top of the cake rather than sink in.

A light, airy, moist sponge with a tangy but sweet glaze. Perfect for a late afternoon treat with a fresh mug of tea. I made a little extra syrup to drizzle over our first slices, but actually I think it tastes better on its own.

What’s your favourite sneaky treat? Or are you much better than I at saying no, and sticking with healthy snacks? (If you are, what is your secret?!?!?!)

8 Comments on “Lemon and Lime drizzle cake”

  1. Lol! This looks DELICIOUS! But I have literally been sticking to a diet of yogurt, berries, granola, lentils, spinach and corn (and the occasional banana bread muffin) because it is that time of month for me and for some reason that has just been killing my appetite lately! Plus love life anguish! Kills my drive to eat every time. Haha sorry…not much of a secret eh?


    • Wow. You have such will power to eat in certain ways. I smell something and then have I eat it!! It’s even worse at that time of the month- I will eat anything!!!!!

      Love life anguish?!?! Nooooo. That doesn’t sound like fun. Anyone that can bake like you should have them lining up at the door xxxxx hope your ok xxxxx


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