Chocolate Cream Cravings

On Wednesday, I fancied some chocolatey indulgence.

A full on sugar hit.

Do you ever have the same kind of cravings?

Needing something thoroughly unhealthy, calorific and soul-satisfying? Flicking through my collection of cookery books, I searched for a chocolate heavy, and most certainly health-light, recipe to satisfy my weird craving. The usual chocolate cakes and biscuits weren’t doing it.

I needed something new.

chocolate creams

I found my ‘something new’ in the form of chocolate creams, courtesy of a LoveFood recipe book. It was a tricky make, and I had to wait a day (A day!!??!! When you have a cravings this is a long time) to devour it, but I got there in the end… And that’s the important thing.

chocolate creams

So I started off by gathering the bits I needed:

55g chocolate (I went with milk chocolate for this batch)
2 tbsp single cream
225g icing sugar

I melted the chocolate over a bain marie until it was completely smooth and creamy. Then I took it off the heat and mixed in the cream and sugar. The mixture started to come together into a pliable doughy sort of thing which made it easier to tip onto work surface (I had lightly dusted it with cocoa to stop any sticking) and knead. Once I was sure all the ingredients had properly fused together and the mixture was smooth, I rolled it out to about 1cm thick and cut into squares.

chocolate creams

In hindsight, I should’ve cut them into much more interesting shapes… Next time, maybe?
I left these little sugar filled bites to dry out overnight on a rack.

Yesterday (now, desperate to actually try one) I hunted down more milk chocolate, about 150g, to cover the creams I made the day before and melted 2/3rds over a bain marie whilst I shaved the remaining third.

Once the chocolate was melted, I removed it from the heat and mixed in the shaved chocolate. This isn’t the proper way to temper chocolate (normally I would use a themometer and a lot more careful measures… but patience was wearing thin and I wanted the finished product in my mouth ASAP). It is a good was to cheat if you are in a hurry. It gives a much more glossy finish to the chocolate creams.

Now for the tricky part – covering the creams:

I used a couple of forks, and a LOT of greaseproof paper to set them on. There’s no hard an fast rules about getting this right. Any method goes. They aren’t the prettiest things I have ever made but they did taste good. I knocked up some Snickerdoodles to accompany them too.

chocolate creams

…and breeeeaaaatttthhh. Cravings satisfied.

8 Comments on “Chocolate Cream Cravings”

  1. It is quite common (unfortunately) for me to have a chocolate craving!! I don’t think I would be as patient as yo though for waiting a day! However, if these were already made and placed in front of me…they wouldn’t be lasting long!


  2. I have those cravings all the time. No joke – I desperately need something sweet and chocolatey after every meal. It’s not a good thing! These chocolate creams look delicious! Sounds like a lot of work but so totally worth it.


  3. Wowowow. If I had one of those cravings (which I totally, totally do…more often than I’d care to admit :)), there’s no way I would be able to last a day without fulfilling them! This is an impressive showing of willpower…I’m glad you were able to satisfy your craving with that yummy looking spread!


    • Ummmmmm not sure I can call it will power… Although I would definitely like too!… Those Snickerdoodles that I made at the same time *may* have dwindled in number whilst I waited…


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