Time Savers

I am not a morning person. Never have been. Never will be. So when something comes along promising to save me time in the mornings and give me a few more precious moments in dreamland, I do not need persuading to give it a go!

time savers

Rosie from the amazing The Londoner blog, of which I am a regular reader, recently posted about her homemade breakfast bars (said promise of easier mornings/longer lie ins etc etc) which had me almost drooling over my keyboard and desperate to give them a go.

I suddenly found myself in the kitchen pulling out the closest ingredients I had to try and emulate Rosie’s healthy breakfast-on-the-go alternative. You can find her original recipe here. Naturally, I had almost nothing of which I actually required to complete this bake, but as you know if I want to bake something, not having the ‘right’ ingredients rarely stops me.

So, cupboards rummaged, I had rolled oats, a selection of dried fruits, nuts and skimmed light condensed milk. Close enough. I figured, if I matched the weight of Rosie’s ingredients it would still mix and bake just as well… right?

time savers

These bad (well, I suppose they are actually rather good really) boys were made up of dried cranberries for a bit of bite, raisins and dried peaches to bring the sweetness, pumpkin seeds and roughly chopped pistachios ‘cus we’re being healthy-ish in this recipe so why not, and dessicated coconut because I had an insignificant amount leftover from my last bake that wasn’t worth keeping.

Once they been warmed, mixed, squished, baked and sliced, I finally got to try a few one.

It’s like having a flapjack for breakfast but without the huge calorific intake. You feel like your being naughty, which in itself is satisfying, but your actually being super healthy. No excuse not to try another then, right?

I’m off for a cup of tea and another bar. I strongly recommend you give her recipe a go.They are a damn sight healthier than my attempt at cutting corners that’s for sure!

Breakfast winner in my book.

6 Comments on “Time Savers”

  1. OOooo Exciting! I’m having a go with home made cereal bars this weekend too, much like you are will be having a cupboard rummage! Will let you know how mine turn out, yours look great. Will you be making them again? x


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