Blueberry Bursts!

blueberry burst muffins blueberry burst muffins

Theses Blueberry Bursts are my latest experimental output. They are somewhere between cupcakes and muffins. Full of flavour and bitesize, but with a little more bite than your usual cupcake. They have a stronger bake structure, but without the heaviness that you sometimes find with muffins.

blueberry burst muffins

We mostly served them warm, with ice-cream on the side. However, I can confirm they are delicious cold and on their own too!

280g plain flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
115g sugar
150g frozen blueberries
250 milk
2 eggs
6 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tsp vanilla extract
grated rind of 1 lemon

60g caster sugar
150g frozen blueberries
3-4 tsp blueberry liqueur
Cinnamon sugar

I sieved all of the dry ingredients into a bowl (flour, salt, baking powder, sugar), mixed in the blueberries and then made a well. In a separate jug, I mixed the milk, eggs, vegetable oil, lemon rind and vanilla extract then poured this into the well. With a wooden spoon, I folded the mixture together until it was combined, making sure I didn’t overmix. They were then popped into muffin cases already lining a tin and bunged into the oven at 200* for around 20 minutes.

You could leave it there if you wanted… but I didn’t.

At about half way through the baking time, I sprinkled over some cinnamon sugar (I used the same measurements for this as my Snickerdoodles) and returned to the oven.

blueberry burst muffins

You could leave it here too… but I still didn’t.

Whilst the muffins/cupcakes hybrid thingys were working themselves out in the oven, Rob helped me drum up some blueberry jam to serve them with.

We popped the remaining blueberries, sugar and liqueur into a pan and brought it to the boil. Once the blueberries started to break down, we simmered and stirred until the mixture reduced by about two-thirds.

blueberry burst muffins

Et voila, blueberry bursts avec blueberry jam!

9 Comments on “Blueberry Bursts!”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the little trip your laptop took. That totally sounds like something I would do! And I can relate to your feelings about snow – it rains ALL the time in Vancouver, probably 80% of the year and the city literally shuts down when there’s an inch of snow because we don’t know how to handle it. At least you’re comforting yourself with delicious baked goods like these delicious muffins! They look fabulous!


  2. Between a muffin and a cupcake? Sign me up!! These are going on my ever-expanding list of things to make once I’m done with my detox. And my boyfriend got me a digital kitchen scale for Christmas so I can even use gram measurements finally!! (Unfortunately, I haven’t used it nearly as much as I thought I would…).

    Ugh sorry about your laptop. It sucks to lose things! I know, cause my laptop breaks down on me about four times a year. The worst!

    Also, I love your brilliant, superfast jam!


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