Marbled Malteser Muffins (version 2.0)

This morning, I got up (relatively) early to bake. This first thing that popped into my head for a quick bake was Marbled Malteser Muffins. I have blogged about them before (here) and know I can knock out a batch it under 30mins. Only problem was I didn’t have all the ingredients.

Panic not, my fellow bakers.

One thing that my mother taught me well was the art of adapting! I have adapted this bake so much though, that I felt I had to blog about it again. Today’s Marbled Malteser Muffins are much more malty-er and much more chocolatey.

Light and airy whilst still being indulgent and delicious. What more could you want to start your Sunday morning?

I know this is probably badly timed for a lot of people on January detox’s… But it was too good not to share.

Anyone else joining me in my un-healthiness this week? Or are you all still being very good?

Banana Swirl Muffins

Check the original recipe here. Below are the changes I made today:

• Use one banana instead of 3
• Use a quality vanilla extract (1 generous tsp) instead of vanilla pods
• To balance the banana reduction, add 4-5 tbsp of milk to the wet mixture
• Use a lot more Maltesers! Crush in the same way, but add these to the mixture before you put it into the cases. This ensures a much more even spread and a stronger malt flavour at the end.

Bake for the same amount of time (20mins dependent on ovens) at 180 degrees.


20 Comments on “Marbled Malteser Muffins (version 2.0)

    • Thanks so much – they are much naughtier than the first version but oh well! let me know if you do try them – would love to know how they turned out. xx


  1. Omg those look totally fab. Just playing with my emotions, on my no-sugar diet! (But really, like I should talk, having just posted cookie-topped muffins.) No sugar is getting so hard! But I would loove to make these once I’m done 🙂


      • YES. I thought I wouldn’t last a day either, but after I did one day, that gave me the mental motivation to keep going. I’ve resorted to a lot of raw/naturally sweetened desserts, but it’s still hard!!


      • No! I’m SURE you could do it too, and better than me, if you wanted!! (But it’s definitely not necessary 🙂 I want to keep reading about your luscious baked goods!)


  2. The consistency on this batch looks amazing! Even better than the last 🙂
    Since we don’t have Malteasers here in the US, I’m assuming Whoppers would be the thing to use (which are little malted milk balls covered in milk chocolate). This recipe seems perfect for my son who goes crazy for Whoppers 😀


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