Clinging on to Summer- an Upside Down Summer Fruits sponge

As it gets colder and colder, I keep leaning towards baking comforting wintery food to cosy up with. You know, the foods that are best served warm, inside and under a blanket where possible. Like my Honey cake and Hot Chocolate cupcakes.

upside down summer fruits sponge

Well, yesterday I went with something a little different. I decided to hold on to those last few rays of summer poking through a little longer and whip up something light and fun.

upside down summer fruits sponge

Venturing into my Home Bake cookbook by Eric Lanlard, I searched for something that would brighten up our afternoon. I settled on the Summer Fruits Upside Down cake. A light, sweet sponge that would be balanced by the tart fruits I had stored in my freezer.

upside down summer fruits sponge

Now, this recipe does genuinely say that it is at its best on the day you make it, and if left for too long the juice from the berries can make the sponge a bit gloopy. So we thought (for the cakes sake, obviously) that we had better eat the whole thing…

We went from full moon to half moon in about 40 minutes.

upside down summer fruits sponge upside down summer fruits sponge

Half moon to total eclipse took another 2 hours. But we got there and that was the most important thing.

upside down summer fruits sponge

This is a great bake.
Simple, quick and bloody tasty too.
Just make sure there is more than two of you around to eat it…


For Eric’s summer bake:

50g Golden Syrup
350g of Summer Fruits
200g Unsalted Butter
200g Caster Sugar
5 Eggs
200g Self Raising Flour

Having defrosted my summer berries, and drained off the excess liquid, I layered them inΒ a greased tin and poured over the golden syrup.

For the sponge, I creamed together the butter and sugar. Once I had a smooth mix, I added in the eggs one by one and then folded in the flour. I poured it in to the tin and baked for one hour at 180*.

The bake is the easiest part – the tricky flip is the bit that gets your heart fluttering. I left the cake to cool slightly in the tin for about 5 minutes then grabbed a plate, crossed my fingers and flipped it as quickly as possible.

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