Cambridgeshire Honey Cake

OK OK, so this bake is actually meant to be a Devonshire Honey Cake (first found in the GoodFood cookbook) but I’ve tweaked it a little and re-claimed it to Cambridge! Is that allowed?

Honey cake

We are right in the thick of this in-between-y weather season and this is the best way I can think of to deal with it. Lots of cake. Lots of tea. and lots of layers. This cake does take a while to cook, but the actual making of it is super quick and easy. You can just stick it in the oven and relax whilst this baby sorts itself out…

Honey cake

This is quite a dense cake, and I find it is best served warm with Ice Cream or maybe cold with custard. It is such a ‘feel good’ cake. Perfect for those dark evenings that are creeping in, whilst you curl up on the sofa with a cuppa and a slice of Honey cake.

Honey cake

My Cambridgeshire Honey Cake requires:

105g Dark Brown Soft Sugar
225g Unsalted Butter
250g Honey, plus another x2 tablespoons for glazing
3 Eggs (large)
300g Self-Raising Flour

I started by melting the butter, sugar and honey in a pan on a low heat. When it was completely combined, I brought the mixture up to the boil for a minute or two, then left to cool on the side.

After beating the eggs in a separate bowl, I swapped to a wooden spoon and folded them into the cooled honey mixture.

Lastly, I sieved the flour into a bowl, poured in the honey mix and beat it in until smooth. Well, as smooth as my piddly little muscles would allow. In hindsight, I should’ve got the electric whisk out…

I poured the mixture into a greased tin and cooked it at 160* for an hour.

Once the cake was cool, I brushed over the remaining honey (that I had warmed slightly) to glaze.

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